Race O Rama

Here are the names of the cars from race o rama Check for updates


  1. Dustin Mellows
  2. Mack
  3. Lightning Storm Mcqueen
  4. Marco
  5. Barny Stormen
  6. Chick semi
  7. Elvis RV
  8. Gray semi
  9. RPM semi
  10. High’N low Ramone


  1. Shifty Drug
  2. Vitoline
  3. Chick Hicks



  1. Impound Mcqueen
  2. Impound Boost
  3. Impound Snot Rod
  4. Impound DJ
  5. Impound Wingo


  1. Tumbleweed Mcqueen
  2. Edwin Kranks
  3. Greta
  4. Easy Idle Pitty
  5. Hank Halloween Murphy
  6. Nitroade Pitty
  7. Chuck Manfold
  8. Dameged King


  1. Chick Hauler
  2. Grey Hauler
  3. Mack Hauler
  4. Walmart Hauler
  5. Jerry Recycle Batteries

  6. Leak Less Hauler
  7. Octane Gain hauler

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