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How Rob McGovern went in to a coma and improved his business

This is my most recent article for KidOwners.

Rob McGovern had a very well doing business going, called Jobfox. Then he had a head-on collision with a 17 year old teenager who was passing somebody illegally . At the time, he was on the phone with his Vice President of sales going up a hill. He hit at the top of the hill so he never saw him coming. He fell into a Coma for weeks. When he woke up he was able to think differently. He asked his neurologist if he would ever be %100 again. His neurologist said Yes, but a different %100. He said those words rang in his ears forevermore. With his new thinking, he designed their new product.He knows that he will still never be the same. He can’t go to a party and later on, remember the names of the people he met. His VP still tears up sometimes, but he just says “Stop crying and go build something” He also said “Life is either a hell of a ride or a ride to hell. I’m done with the ride to hell”

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