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Our trip post 2: Location: Spokane, Washington

I haven’t got to post because in Canada it’s really hard to get Wifi, Canada was fun, they gave us a hard time in customs, I jumped in Lake Louise, it was freezing! The water was very blue (it was a weird color), we ran a few miles around it, there was a lot of glaciers, we’re in Washington about to settle down for a month, we found my first Multi-Cache today, it was the jackpot of all Geocaches, it had stuff from Toys R Us (it was next to it)

I got some Beyblades, and Jadyn got some stuff, it was awesome, we’re at Boston’s Pizza, eating, and posting on my iPad Mini, we’re staying in a hotel today and tomorrow, then we’re going to get a house. The new iPhone’s (5S and 5C) and iPads (Mini 2 and iPad 5) are supposed to come out in a month.


This post was written on my iPad Mini


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