Trip Post #40: Seeing the Halls and Hiking Angel’s Landing

Location: St George, UT

Geocaches: 258

Spelunking in Lava Flow Tubes in Snow Canyon
Spelunking in Lava Flow Tubes in Snow Canyon

The Halls came to our house a few days ago and we hiked, played tennis and did a lot of other stuff that’s not worth mentioning because I like to focus on the important stuff  (“Hey look, a butterfly!”). Noah went to my tennis class on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Monday we played soccer with the Halls and some other girls that live in the neighborhood  (Isaac and I scored a few points each).

Noah did the Buffalo Wild  Wings Blazin’ Challenge (eat 12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes with no water, milk, napkins or anything that could possibly make you want to continue) and accomplished it this time (He tried when we were with him in Dallas, he lost by 5 wings). He was the only kid to have done it at that location at this time, and he did it in 5:13!! After we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Halls and Amber and Heather Winn, we went back home and played Ultimate Tag.

Yesterday we went to Zion and hiked the “strenuous” Angel’s Landing. It was a very narrow path with a 1000 foot drop on both sides. A few people had died falling in the past few years, so we were careful. Jadyn made it up great, and Eli, too (he was the only 6 year old up there). There was also a Virtual Cache at the top of Angel’s landing, which I logged.




We got ice cream at this really good place in Zion, and then we went home. Today we’re going to pack up, getting ready to leave St George.

We’re going to Yosemite soon, and we’re going to Bryce Canyon tomorrow. St George has been really fun, so I decided (2 seconds ago) to make a list of the things we did in St George. I’ll put in a different post because I think this one is long enough.

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