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Galileo and the Magic #’s: Chapter 9

Another kinda short narration, I’ll post more stuff I want to write later.

Galileo makes a more powerful telescope, and views the stars with his friend Sarpi. He views things that are said by the Aristotlians to not exist. He views for the first time Jupiter’s moons, 3 the first night, then he sees the fourth another night.

He publishes a book called ‘A message from the Stars’ which was viewed with distaste by the other professors. “If Aristotle didn’t say anything about it, it is not there” was their reply. Aristotle returns to Florence for a while, at the age of 46. His mother and father passed away, and Michelangelo is in Germany. His fame is ever increasing though…

And that’s my short narration… And next time, I’ll do another of my posts where I talk about something completely random and yet interesting, like my Phobia’s post. Next up: Cryptids! Don’t know what a cryptid is? Good…. I’ll explain…. Soon.

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