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Birth of Britain Ch 1: Chapter 1…

Let’s hope you consider this funny and interesting.

Everyone loves a narration completely for school with no enjoyment in me writing it, right? I’ll try and make it short, not extremely boring and quick. 😛

Churchill explains (for this book is written by him) that a lot of the pre-historic human skeletons were found in none other than Atlantis
Britain. He says the Iron Age overlaps with the late Bronze Age, when men came and killed the bronze-wielding Britons with Iron stuff….

Caesar goes and meets the Britons, who claim to be aboriginal. He attacks them, failing and damaging his ships. He makes some observations about their lifestyle, such as their houses being similar to the Gauls, their chariot fighting and their clothing. He takes some of them captive back to Rome, and returns, only to have his ships destroyed again.

You think he would stop, right? No? Ok then, you’re right. He keeps attacking, until he gets defeated by the great Cassivellaunus, who was very great at winning, because he was a winner, and that’s what winners do. Caesar runs back to Rome, and the islands are safe…. At least until CHAPTER 2, ATTACK OF THE REALLY LONG CHAPTERS….. 😛

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