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Once and Future King: The chapter with the number that is the sum of 42/42*2

So, Arthur, as I will call him now, journeys into the forest while running after the hawk. He runs for a while, and loses himself. Suddenly, he sees a man, who says his name is King Pellinore, and has been lost for 17 years in the forest. Arthur asks him the way back to the castle, and Pellinore says he’s never heard of it. Arthur invites Pellinore to come back to the castle, if he can find the way, and Pellinore accepts. Pellinore tells him of the ‘Questing Beast’, which is what he’s been searching for for the past 17 years. Suddenly, Pellinore hears the beast and gallops off on his horse, leaving Arthur alone.

That was a pretty short chapter…. Well, the next one is longer, so bear with me.

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