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Rest and Restlessness

I’ve been reading Ourselves, by Charlotte Mason, and it is a story about a person, who, in this story, is represented as a country named Mansoul. The last chapter I read talks about rest and restlessness. Restlessness is usually a good thing. It motivates you to explore, jump and run, and be active. It can also be bad, if there is too much restlessness, you cannot focus on one thing at a time. Your mind always jumps away from something you’re doi- Hey, a new email!

Back on subject…

Rest is like restlessness, it’s usually good, but it can be really bad, when it turns into sloth. Sloth is very bad, because the people who want too much rest always want to take breaks from what they’r- I think that’s enough, I’m going to go eat something.


Stopping being a sloth is easy: If you’re a normal person, Restlessness will take over eventually and you’ll be free of being a sloth! I think this was a very good chapter. It’s good to be restless, it’s good to rest. But it’s not good to be too restless, or to be a Sloth.



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