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Chaucer: The Franklin’s Tale

Once there was a franklin named Arveragus,who married a woman named Dorigen. They wanted to have equal status in the marriage, but they agreed in public, Averagus would make the decisions. Averagus leaves for Britain to seek fortune, leaving his wife in France. While he is gone, a man name Aurelius seeks to marry Dorigen, against her will.

He doesn’t stop bugging her, so she says if he can make ALL the rocks on the seashore disappear, she would marry him. Now he goes to a ‘magician’, and asks him to remove all the rocks. He consents, for 10,000 pounds. Aurelius agrees, and the magician takes him to the shoreline, where he ‘magically’ makes the rocks disappear, with the tide. Now Aurelius goes to Dorigen and tells her that he has made the rocks disappear. She is heartbroken at this, but in the next week, her husband comes home. She tells him the trouble, and he talks to Aurelius. Aurelius, seeing the love between them, decides to back off. The magician is told the story, and agrees to not hold Aurelius to the 10,000 pounds owed to him.

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