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Location: Sunriver, OR

Geocaches: 300!

photo 4

We’ve been on the road for a whole year! We left July 16th, 2013, and took off from Austin. We’ve hit a whole lot of places, and I’ll do a gallery of photos in another post, and my mom made our Freejourner video. We just left a RV park with our best friends, The Halls. We got a cake yesterday, and today we kayaked down a river. Here’s a list of some of the things I have done/learned on our trip, and I’ll probably keep updating it.


  • I learned what a yurt is!
  • Glacier water is freezing.
  • You need to be close to your home to hide a Geocache
  • Getting in shape is hard
  • I learned I love tennis
  • I learned how to snowboard
  • Snowboarding is awesome!
  • Voodoo Donuts are amazing
  • Doing school while snowboarding a lot makes you get behind
  • Our parents college friends are cool!
  • Mt Rushmore has a secret room behind it
  • Sugar is worse for me than I thought
  • 1 Second Everyday is cool for remembering stuff
  • Seattle is the Geocaching jackpot
  • Wifi is essential to school
  • Wifi is essential to making money
  • GoPro’s are helpful in making videos
  • The sky is blue (just kidding! :P)
  • Always be prepared
  • ALWAYS KEEP TRACK OF YOUR STUFF (I learned the hard way a lot)
  • Lakes can be many different shades of blue/green/turquoise
  • Slow-mo is one of the best inventions ever
  • It helps to have amazing equipment
  • It would help a lot to have 4WD
  • tan 90 degrees is undefined

That’s it for now!

We’ve played a lot of sports on this trip, including soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, mini golf, pickleball, and pool (does this count?). Some of my best memories on this trip are when our car got stuck in snow, snowboarding at Brighton, any time with the Halls, hiding a Geocache with our friends in Spokane, Geocaching with our friends the Maculley’s, tennis in St. George, paddle boarding on Lake Mcdonald in Glacier National Park, jumping off St Mary’s falls, jumping into Lake Louise in Canada… Oh, and crossing the Canadian border for the first time, that was interesting.


Totally random break between paragraphs: Have you ever considered what would happen if Pinocchio said “My nose will now grow!”?


I recently hit 300 Geocaches, and for my 299th (I meant that one to be for my 300th), I found an amazing one! It was connected to a light post, and it had the appearance of an electrical box, filled with Travel Bugs. I’ll probably post some pictures of it. Thanks for reading this!

Trip Post #23: Portland with the Kelts

Location: Portland, Oregon

Geocaches: 208

    A few days ago, the Kelts flew in to see us in Portland and we had a awesome time. We drove around the city, found a couple Geocaches (We found my 200th on the way here) and ate at Voodoo Donuts. Jadyn got to play with Makayla a lot and we went to a few awesome waterfalls (We found 2 Geocaches there) and got our National Parks Passport stamped. Yesterday we went Ice Skating and it was really fun (Note to self: Why would we do it if it wasn’t fun?). We dropped the Kelts off at the airport and said goodbye (until next time, which is in 3-6 months maybe). We went to Barnes and Noble, worked out in the gym and then went to eat dinner in the lobby. Today we’re leaving soon to Salt Lake City, UT and going snowboarding. We had a fun time here and I can’t wait to go snowboarding soon. PS: I just uploaded a new Stop Motion to my channel, here it is:

Geocaching in Space Event Cache, hosted by Geocaching HQ

Today we went to a island on a ferry and did school and drove around. We came back and went to the Geocaching Event at the Pacific Science Center. They had a laser show and a show of the rocket (live) launching off to the ISS from Russia. The rocket was carrying a Geocaching Travel Bug. We played around the Science Center and signed the Logbook, got another Geocaching Premium 1-month trial (They gave me one at HQ, but hey, it’s free membership) so I can extend my Premium Membership till January 2014.

We met the lady who was at Geocaching HQ and they had a raffle contest(I didn’t win), and a prize was given to whoever’s home was farthest from Seattle (We thought we had this in the bag, but someone was from South Carolina and someone else was from Georgia, they both got prizes).

After the event was over, we went to get a physical cache behind the building. When we got there, there were already a lot of people there to find the cache. We all logged it, then left.

Isaac got a Ka-Bar Kydex knife sheath for his Ka-bar when we got home.

Everybody watching the screen in the dome
Everybody watching the screen in the dome
Me and Isaac sitting in the dome at the Geocaching Event
Me and Isaac sitting in the dome at the Geocaching Event



Trip Post #19: 5 things to do at the Geocaching HQ

Location: Seattle, Washington

Geocaches: 179

Groundspeak Headquarters

We went to the Geocaching HQ on Monday and we had a blast. When we got in the room, the lady was very nice and she gave us unactivated HQ Travel bugs for free, you can’t get them anywhere else except the HQ. The lady told us how Geocaching makes money (I was wondering that), which is by Premium Memberships, the Geocaching App and their online shop.

Signing the HQ logbook
Signing the HQ logbook








We signed the logbook in the giant chest and took some pictures in the photo booth, then Jadyn and I each got a Gecaching shirt and I got a free 30 day Premium Membership trial. I’ve been always wanting to go here and when I finally did, it was awesome. I’m going to try and finish the GeoTriad, which is a collection of three caches

1: Geocaching Headquarters(Seattle)

2: Original Stash Tribute Plaque(Portland)

3: Project A.P.E Mission 9 Replacement cache(Seattle)


The original Project APE Mission 9 got archived in 2011 and there was a replacement cache hidden.

If you visit the HQ, I recommend doing the following

1: Email and reserve a time, they are open Tuesday to Friday, 2-3 PM

2: Get cool Travel Bugs

3: Take pictures in the Photo Booth

4: Buy something (There’s some pretty cool stuff, like the shirt I got)

5: Sign the logbook, and on the app too if you have it.

The Cache