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First Snowboarding Day!

Yesterday we went snowboarding at Keystone Mountain! It was a little icy, but still fun! It was kind of weird, snowboarding again after almost a year. We remembered everything after our first run! We got to Keystone 2 days ago, and it’s going to be a fun 6 months. I got some awesome GoPro footage with my new Hero 4, and got some cool pictures from my phone. Not all of the mountain was open, but we managed to find a Black Diamond to do on our first day! We all fell a few times, but is was an amazing time overall. Can’t wait to go again! Here’s a photo from yesterday:


Us on top of the mountain
Us on top of the mountain




Do you ever realize when you’re leaving a place, “This is the last time I’ll be doing so-and-so here…”?

That’s how I feel sometimes when we’re leaving a place that we’ve stayed at a while. It seems like just yesterday that we drove into the neighborhood and surprised everyone out of their minds. It’s so weird, thinking of all the things we’ve done in the past 3 months, and then just going back to what we consider normal: traveling.

We just left Dallas, and we’re back on the road, kicking the trip off with a 10 hour drive to New Mexico. We’re going to hit a few National Parks, then it’s off to Colorado for boarding!

Goodbye Texas!

Trip Post #50 Part 2: COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Location: Austin, TX

Geocaches: 315

August 24th, 2014 RETURN TO AUSTIN!

“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home” -Skylar Grey, Coming Home Pt 2

We’re 25 minutes away from our house……….. The suspense is killing me (figuratively). We’re talking, listening to music, preparing. Tomorrow I have a soccer practice, and we’re going to get into the feel of things in Austin.

You know that feeling where you’re coming home after a year long trip around the US? No? Well, that’s what I’m feeling like. Hmmmm… In other news, our Freejourners Video is being published soon, and…. Oh yeah, you’re reading this. Big news. 😛

Back to soccer, school, friends, more school, and normal life. For a few months. WE’RE ALMOST HOME!!!!


Trip Post #50 Part 1: TOMORROW!!!!!

Location: Sachse, TX

Geocaches: 315

Tomorrow…. 1 day until we return. Wow.

August 23rd, 2014

Tomorrow we will:

  • See our friends
  • Take our last long drive for a while
  • Move into a house
  • Go to 7-11 (Hopefully)
  • Be sad
  • Be happy
  • Reflect
  • Eat
  • Listen to music
  • Pack up
  • Unpack



We’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Sachse, TX, and packing up to leave tomorrow. We’re moving back into our neighborhood for 3 months, play a soccer season, and see all of our friends again. I found a Geocache for the 7 souvenirs of August (Webpage) today (I found a multi-cache), and we went to our cousin Austin’s 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I’m at 315 Geocaches, I hope to find more in Austin while we’re there.

I can’t wait to visit all our favorite restaurants, go to our favorite places (nothing compared to anything we’ve seen on this trip. Even Emerald Pools (Zion) was better than most places), bike around the neighborhood, Geocache, play soccer, and…. I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah! Etc.!

I’m wondering if it will be the same? Our neighborhood might, but I don’t know about everything else. Well, once you finish reading this, you’re not done yet! Read Part 2, which will be written by the time you’re reading this!