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Geocaching is basically a GPS Scavenger hunt, it’s where you use a GPS(or a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with a Geocaching app) to navigate to “caches” and log their find. If you want, you can trade items in caches for your useless junk (remember, always trade stuff of equal or greater value). Some caches are small, some are big, from tiny metal tubes to giant buckets. Here are some of the different types of Geocaches that you can find:

  • Traditional Cache: Your average Geocache, just navigate to it and find it 🙂
  • Multi-Cache: Involving 2 or more stages in which you navigate to coordinates and there you will find more coordinates and so on until you’ve got to the final location, I’ve found 4 of these
  • Mystery Cache: Involving a puzzle you have to solve and when you finish, the answer will the the final location coordinates, I have found 2 of these(one of them a Intercache(see Interactive Cache))
  • Virtual Cache: In this type of cache you’ll have to navigate to the coordinates, then you must answer 1 or more questions there, the answers could be on a sign near the coordinates, or something else, I’ve found 2 of these
  • Earth Cache: Basically like a virtual cache except the reward is the location itself, meaning that if you want to find one, you’ll have to visit cool places.
  • Event Cache: A event cache is a meeting of geocachers, to “find” this, you must attend. I’ve attended one hosted by Geocaching HQ in Seattle.
  • Mega-Event Cache: A Mega-Event cache is a event cache that 500+ people attend.
  • Letterbox Hybrid: A Letterbox Hybrid is a combination of a Geocache and a Letterbox. Letterboxxing is similar thing to Geocaching except instead of logging the book, you stamp it. I’ve found 3 of these except that I haven’t stamped, because I don’t have a book or a signature stamp.
  • Project APE cache: These a caches are regular caches placed at the release of Rise of the Planet of Apes, only 1 still exists.
  • Geocaching HQ: Title says it all, this is the Geocaching Headquarters located in Seattle. The Headquarters are amazing!
  • Wherigo cache: For this cache you need a Wherigo enabled device to go on adventures with your GPS
  • Webcam Cache: For this you need someone to help you drake a picture of you and upload it to the computer, for more info visit the website
  • Interactive Cache: Listed as a mystery cache, this cache is a combination of  Multi, a Mystery, a Traditional, and  Virtual/Earth caches. You must have a compatible device (such as a iOS Device). To find out more, check out their website
  • Travel Bugs: These little objects have a goal to fufill(such as traveling from cache to cache in the US) and you can take them from a cache and help it fufill its goal(make sure to log it though)

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