Hi there! My name is Gabe Dalrymple, AKA “ConspicuousNinja” on YouTube. This is my YouTube story.

I originally started YouTube in September 2011, with a channel called AWESOMELEGOGUY10 (Very generic, I know), when I was about to turn 10 years old. I had watched a few stop motion videos from various stop motion YouTubers, and I decided to make my own. I loved LEGO Ninjago, and most all of my stop motions on that channel were based on it. My first big video on that channel was a stop motion video of The Fold’s “The Weekend Whip”, from the LEGO Ninjago TV Show. I took the photos in portrait mode on my iPhone 4, using a small baseplate for the minifigures and an old iPhone box to hold my phone up. I edited using iMovie, and the end result was a 5 FPS video that I still laugh at today :P.


Anyways, after I uploaded that first video, I got the hang of the whole stop-motion thing, and my videos slowly got better. I uploaded a few more longish stop motion music videos to The Fold’s songs, and a few different stop motion series’ I regularly uploaded. My most viewed video was a stop motion music video of The Fold’s “Ninja Go!”, which gained 50,000 views. You can view that video here.

In 2014, I decided to restart. With 80 subscribers, 85,000 views, and a terrible username, I wasn’t going anywhere. I needed a new start. At that time I had started posting on the LEGO.com Message Boards, and that’s when I came up with an idea for a username. I wanted something that was funny, something that made sense, something that I could build a channel around, and something I could use as a default username. I came up with ConspicuousNinja, and I’ve used it ever since.

I didn’t upload my first video for a while, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It all started when I heard about a new LEGO Ninjago app that was coming out for iPhone. I learned that the app was available on the Denmark App Store, and barely anyone in the US had it. Using my technology skills (:P), I created a fake Danish Apple ID, and downloaded the app from the Danish App Store.

So I had it: An idea for a video. I recorded myself playing the app, and LEGO fans came rolling in, all like “HOW DID YOU GET THIS GAME??”. I slowly gained views, subscribers, and eventually, money. I had heard about making money from YouTube through ads, and activated an AdSense account. I didn’t really think I could get any real money from it, but I was wrong. In May 2015, I looked inside my AdSense account, and discovered I had $80 sitting in there, waiting for me to withdraw. After this, I kept growing steadily as a channel, gaining millions of views, and even getting a video over 1,000,000 views (Update: Now I have 2 videos over 1 million views! Yay!)

So yeah, that’s my YouTube story so far! Hope you enjoyed reading, and are inspired to start/keep YouTubing!