Our trip post 9: Location: Spokane, Washington

We’re leaving Spokane soon.  Yesterday I went to Starbucks and worked with Dad. Then I went to Will’s house and we hid a Geocache. We called it “Tug of War” because you pull a rope, a stump comes up, and the Geocache is revealed. We played with Justine and rode to Albertsons and then Isaac, Jadyn and Justine went to the Sand Pit with the wooden bike ramps. We’re off to Yellowstone National Park soon. Today we’re going to be packing up and getting ready. Time to get on the road again!

What we did in Spokane:


  • Got a cool house
  • Hid 2 Geocaches (“Tug of war” and “Zebra cache”)
  • Met some cool friends
  • Finished a lot of books
  • Worked with Dad at Starbucks
  • Started 6th Grade
  • Found almost every Geocache in a 1 mile radius
  • Started the Artemis Fowl series, on the last book out of 8 now
  • Isaac got a new bike
  • Went to a rock concert at the Spokane County Fair
  • Watched some movies (We finally have/had a TV)
  • Went to Dad’s talk
  • Got too much candy from Dad’s talk
  • Biked around the new neighborhood
  • Worked out and played Soccer in the park
  • Downloaded iOS 7
  • Watched the release of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C  at Starbucks
  • Went to Bowl and Pitcher with Will and Faith
  • Posted on my blog a lot
  • Went to the Buck Knife Factory
  • Ate at a Vietnamese restaraunt
  • Talked to friends on the phone
  • Ate pie (this is kind of irrelevant but i’m running out of things to say)
  • Finished learning Javascript on Code Academy
  • Started learning HTML on Code Academy again
  • Went to our friends house for dinner

That about sums it up! We had a lot of fun in Spokane (What am I saying? We still have 1 more day here!). Well, the good news is, the location in the title is not always going to say Spokane, Washington. There is probably going to be a post later about today. I can already imagine the title: “Our trip post 10: Locaction: Spokane, Washington”.


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