Trip Post #16: Wallace Falls and Mt Rainer

Location: Seattle, Washington, Mt Rainer, and Wallace Falls


Yesterday we went to Wallace Falls and hiked for 1.8 miles to the middle falls. We came back .2 miles to the picnic tables and ate with our Snow Peak stove, Snow Peak titanium cups, freeze dried food and hot chocolate. It got dark and foggy fast. We washed out our cups, then shook them out, Isaac accidentally threw his Hot Lips (that came with his Snow Peak cup) off a cliff while shaking his cup dry. We hiked back in complete darkness the remaining 1.6 miles with 3 flashlights and finally made it back, looked for and didn’t find a Geocache in total darkness. We got back to the car and drove home where we watched an episode of Shark Tank and ate some more.

Today we went to Mt. Rainier and had a lot of fun. Everything was covered in snow. We slid down a hill covered in snow. We got our National Park books stamped, and I got my coin for the National Park. After we ate lunch with all our awesome REI gear (and Snapple), we decided to hike. Our shoes and pants got soaked because the path was covered in snow. We even saw some people skiing on the snow beside the trail. We walked for a while, throwing snowballs and stuff, we saw a black fox walking across the snow and watched it run out of sight. Soon we came to a rock and sat there to make dinner (with our awesome REI gear, hot cocoa and apple cider). While dinner was preparing, IZAK, J-DAN and ME (I) jumped in the snow where it was very deep (about 1.5 feet deep at the deepest) and had a race through the deep snow. (I won)

(Note: The video of our race exceeds the 8MB upload limit, so I can’t show it here)

After we ate, we climbed down in the growing darkness and jumped in our car and started home, on the way we stopped at Wendy’s, a gas station and Walgreens (Totally pointless and unnecessary to mention) and got home.

I will upload a gallery of photos of what we did today and yesterday tomorrow in another post, but here’s one photo of today:
















PS: You may remember from a few posts ago that I took out a parentheses (<-Not a word) and said I would put it it one of the next posts, so:


(Technically everything in between the first post without the parentheses and this post is in between parentheses, so I guess it is optional to read everything in between, but let’s face it: You want to read everything I write if you like humor, even if it’s in between parentheses.)


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3 thoughts on “Trip Post #16: Wallace Falls and Mt Rainer

  1. Hey Gabe! I love reading about all your adventures! You guys will have so many fun stories to tell when you look back and remember each place you visited. I think it’s so cool you are keeping a Blog to help you do that. Also, I LOVE Mt. Rainier. It was the first “real” mountain I ever hiked. Cant wait to keep reading….

  2. Gabe,

    I live reading your musings about what you’re doing, & what you’re reading! It’s so good to, “hear” your voice. I’ll share your blog with Jonas tomorrow. He’ll get a kick out of it. We miss y’all! Have fun.

    Ms. Mary

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