Trip post #17: Geocaching today

Location: Seattle, Washington
Geocaches: 175

(This was yesterday(not at the time you are reading this))

Today we went to Alki beach and I worked at a coffee shop with Dad. Later we biked around Green Lake and found 2 out of 5 Geocaches. Then we went and found 2 awesome Geocaches that were both hidden by Geocaching HQ and are part of the HQGT Geotour. These are the two caches we found


GC3Z3PE HQGT: Geo Post Office

Size: Large

This Geocache was one of my favorite caches so far! What you do is take a blank postcard from the Cache (which was a newsstand thing) and address it to a cacher very far away, then look at the other postcards in the region of your home area and take it closer (we didn’t do this part because we technically don’t have a home area) to another Geo Post Office. It has a stamp to stamp your HQGT passport thing that you print out to find 8 caches and stamp the passport. If you go to Seattle you have to find this one.


GC20Y24 HQGT: Troll Droppings

Size: Regular

This is a cool Geocache right next to the Troll Under the Bridge in Seattle. We climbed all over the Troll and Jadyn noted that crushed in his sculpted hand he had a crushed Buggy. Mom took pictures and we found the cache underneath a rock (oops, spoiler).


We want to finish the HQGT challenge and go to the Geocaching HQ soon.









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