Pi In the Sky: Narration

Author: Wendy Mass
My rating: 10/10

I finished Pi in the Sky on Saturday and it was definitely one of my favorite books. The story follows Joss, the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. Joss lives in The Realms, where everyone there is immortal and keeps watch over the millions of galaxies. He has 6 brothers, and a best friend named Kal.

When Earth and the Solar System are pulled out of the time-space continuum with Kal and his parents he must recreate the whole Solar System. The PTB (Powers That Be) pulled Earth out of time because one girl saw the Realms through a telescope. The girl appears in The Realms, where Joss and his dad convince her that this is her dream, because if she realizes that it isn’t a dream, she will die because there is no oxygen in The Realms.

She introduces herself as Annika and Joss is given responsibility of her. He takes her to Kal’s house, where Kal’s Aunt Rae takes care of Annika. One of Joss’s dad’s assistant’s tells Joss that the PTB will have nothing to do with the matter of replacing Earth. Later, Annika realizes that it isn’t a dream and starts suffocating. Aunt Rae pours a bucket of water on Annika’s head, giving her oxygen. Joss hears Kal saying that he is okay but he is in a another universe, but then he cuts out. Joss, now knowing that Kal is okay, goes to his brother Ty in the Afterlives, where everyone from Earth is about to disappear because they technically no longer exist.

They go to see Annika’s grandfather in a simulation of him relieving old memories, and Carl Sagan, the scientist, who gives them information about how the Earth is made so Joss can rebuild it. They then go to see Joss’s other brother Ash, who studies the different species of different galaxies. Ash takes a 3D hologram of Annika, and gets info on how humans are made, because they didn’t have any before. Later, somehow Joss creates his own sun, but his brother Bren destroy’s it.

Bren explains how Kal said not to put the Earth back yet but didn’t get to say why. Later, Joss hears Kal and his parents again, saying the reason they didn’t want Earth back yet is because there were aliens coming who were a very advanced civilization whose planet recently got destroyed and they were going to Earth for a new home. When the aliens realize that it’s not there, they will leave and then Joss can put the Earth back.

A while later when the aliens have passed Joss creates the whole Solar System and says goodbye to Annika. Annika disappears, and Kal and his parents are back

One day, almost 70 Earth Years later, Joss receives a message on his holoscreen from Kal saying that Annika is back. He runs out of the house to Kal’s and see’s Annika, the same age as she was before.

Kal explains that Annika went back through the wormhole that Kal’s parents used to get to Earth and went to the afterlives and goes a simulation from when she first came to The Realms, and when a worker goes to check on her, she follows him out, therefore keeping her youth.

She stays with Joss and they live happily ever after (literally because they are immortal:))


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