20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Narration

Author: Jules Verne
My Rating: 8/10

I finished 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and I liked it a lot. I have come here to not not bring you a narration about the book.

The story begins with M. Arronax (the main character) and his servant, Consiel, booking passage on the Abraham Lincoln to search for the mysterious narwhal, which has been attacking ships randomly. They meet Ned Land, a harpooner who is also looking for the narwhal. The narwhal shows up, and M. Arronax is thrown overboard. Consiel throws himself overboard to save his master.

They soon find that Ned Land was also thrown into the sea and is standing on something. They swim over to him and, looking down, they figure out they are standing on some sort of submarine. A hatch opens, and they are taken inside to a cell. They meet Captain Nemo, who tells them that they are in the Nautilus, and that they will stay there forever, but they are free to roam around. They go all around the world in the Nautilus and go to many places, including some fictional ones, like Atlantis. One night Captain Nemo locks them up, and in the morning he takes them out.

Nearing the end of the book, the Nautilus gets stuck in an iceberg. Their oxygen supply is running low, and they are mining the ice as fast as they can. They use the oxygen in the water to breathe, but they are still slowly suffocating.

They eventually get out, and the Nautilus goes up to the surface for air. By this time, Ned is getting restless and tells M. Arronax that he plans to escape. M. Arronax goes and asks the Captain if they can leave, and sees that he is writing his life story, and is going throw it out into the sea for someone to read someday.

He tells M. Arronax that he is free to go, but he will always try and stop them. Ned plans to go anyway. Before they get a chance, they meet with a giant Cuttlefish, who they fend off, but it takes one of the crew overboard. Captain Nemo attacks a ship, who the reader later figures out wiped out his country, killing all his family. He takes it down, and then lets the Nautilus wander into a giant whirlpool!

Ned, M. Arronax and Consiel, jump out of the Nautilus in a boat. A piece of the Nautilus hits M. Arronax in the head, and he gets knocked out. When he wakes up, he is on an island with Ned and Consiel. He does not know what became of the Nautilus, or Captain Nemo, but he figures out that he spent 10 months in the Nautilus and traveled a total of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. They are left on the island, with a fisherman, so they probably got back to France in the end, but it dosen’t say.

There is a sequel to this book, The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne. It is also part of a 54-book series by Verne, called Voyages Extraordinaires. If you have ever seen Journey to the Center of the Earth, the movie and its sequel, The Mysterious Island, they are part of a movie series based on Verne’s books. There is a third movie in the series, coming soon called Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon, also another book by Verne.

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    I am so happy to have found your blog! I have also read “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, it’s a great book! Great job on your book review!

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