The Sea Around Us and My Thoughts on Evolution: Not Really a Narration

I started The Sea Around Us a few weeks ago, and I wanted to bring you a narration except that the book doesn’t have a plot, so I’m just going to tell you what the author is telling the reader (me).

The book starts off at the creation of the world, from an Evolutionist’s view. It tells how single-celled organisms evolved into new plants and animals until they became the creatures of today. I think the first few chapters of this book are well done, but I don’t totally believe them.

One of the reasons I don’t believe in Evolution is because there is no proof (no fossils) to show that there were intermediate forms of animals. I’m also reading It Just Couldn’t Happen, which is talking about why Evolution isn’t necessarily true, but that’s another story narration.

I am also reading Genesis: Finding our Roots, which explains creation and onward in detail, and explaining little details that I always wondered, like how did Cain find a wife, for instance. The answer to that is that Cain and Abel were not the only children of Adam and Eve at that time, so there were other people living at that time. I realize now that I am talking about books that are not part of this “Not Really a Narration.”

But, before I keep talking about The Sea Around Us, let me tell you one of my questions about the Bible, and that question is: When were the dinosaurs created, and was man living at that time? Tell me what your thoughts are on that subject in the comments.

The next part of the book talks about the deep sea, and the animals that live there. The fish and sea life there have big eyes, so they can see with the little light down there. Some of them are phosphorescent, which means that they can emit light from themselves. Some squid, to escape from sperm whales, travel down into the dark depths of the ocean, which explains why sperm whales dive deep into the ocean.

The part after the previous part talks about the ocean floor, and the shape of it. The contours on the ocean floor are jagged, except for one spot on the Indian Ocean, where a ship tried to bring up stuff from the bottom and found it was flat. The book mentions the reason for this must be because lava came up and hardened, making a flat surface.

Please give me your thoughts on Evolution and The Sea Around Us in the comments, I really would love to hear them.

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3 thoughts on “The Sea Around Us and My Thoughts on Evolution: Not Really a Narration

  1. I just started The Sea Around Us and it is really interesting so far. In answer to your question, maybe, God created dinosaurs and Adam and Eve at the same time yet put Adam and Eve in the garden so that they could be protected. Or maybe, people in the early ages were just a lot smarter than us:)

  2. Hey Gabe! It’s fun to read some of your entries. Now I can see how another young man writes and not just my own son. I’ve enjoyed reading the few things and you definitely do a good job of keeping your narrations and reviews interesting.

    Regarding Dinosaurs … I’m curious if you found any thoughts/clues in It Couldn’t Just Happen. You are likely familiar with Answers in Genesis and their understanding of the creation account (young earth). However, there’s another great resource that has quite a different take on Dinosaurs and how they fit into the history of our world. Reasons to Believe ( takes a “old earth” perspective (and yes, Biblical) and I’m sure if you go to their website they have articles, audios and videos online that will be helpful. My youngest, Benaiah (3 years old) has recently become VERY interested in Dinosaurs (surprisingly this hasn’t happened with the first 2 boys so this is new territory for me). I have actually been wondering the very same thing lately … exactly how and when do the dinosaurs fit into history. I’m very curious myself, so when you asked I thought I’d share with you some of the resources I consider and go to. I am also familiar with the material that is from Answers in Genesis and other “young earth” scientist, so I find it helpful to also have resources to go to with a different perspective.

    You may find a website by Rich Deem helpful. He answers many questions about creation and covers ALL the possible ideas that have been offered to explain the age of the earth, fully explores each idea, and also shares what his personal belief is and why (as a scientist). You may find it interesting. Here’s a link He has atleast one page about Dinosaurs.

    I’m looking forward to what you and others may share about understandings about Dinosaurs and just where the Dinosaur’s fit into history. Until heaven I think we’ll have to keep wondering about so many things, including this!

    Blessings to you, Gabe!

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