The Story of The Greeks: Chapters 101-106

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Chapter 101

Alexander becomes king of Persia and became so full of himself, that when his favorite general tried to give him advice, Alexander had him put to death. He began drinking a lot, and when the son of his nurse tried to stop him from drinking to excess, he killed him. When he saw what he had done, he reformed.

Next, he went into India, to conquer King Porus. He wins, and King Porus captured. Alexander proudly asks how King Porus wished to be treated, and Porus boldly replied “Like a King”. Alexander was content with this answer and sets him free. They went on to conquer other Indian kings, but his horse, the famous Bucephalus, who Alexander tamed when he was a boy, died. He conquered a town and named it after his faithful steed.

Chapter 102

Alexander’s army is tired and weary, and convinces him to go home. Alexander builds a fleet and sails off. When they reached the sea, he told his Admiral to go along the coast, to find out if the Euphrates flowed into the sea, while he and his army went home on foot, through the desert. They are thirsty, and finally found some water, which they brought to Alexander, who poured it on the ground, saying that he would only drink when his men could drink too. They finally met up with the fleet and sailed home.

Chapter 103

Alexander returns to Babylon, where he marries a Persian princess. Soon, his friend Hephæstion dies from drinking. He mourns his death, and soon goes back to his old ways, thinking high of himself and drinking to excess. He fell ill, and his doctors said he would die. He dies, then Ptolemy, one of his generals, buries him, because an Oracle said whoever buried Alexander would be king of his kingdom.

Chapter 104

Alexander’s kingdom was divided up into 33 provinces and everyone was speculating who would be the successor to Alexander the Great. Alexander foretold that after his death, there would be bloodshed. He was right, all the generals were not content with being governors, so they fought against Perdiccas, who was the head of the realm.

Chapter 105

The Athenians, led by Demosthenes, attacked the Macedonians, Alexander’s people. They are unsuccessful, and the Macedonians decide to punish the Athenian leaders. Demosthenes hears of this and flees. They catch him in a chapel, and Demosthenes asks to write a final letter to his friends, and they consent. They see him write a line, then pull his hood over his head and bite the reed with which he was writing. They suddenly realize he had poisoned himself, preffering death over captivity. The Macedonians take over Greece, led by Antipater, a governor.

Chapter 106: Lots of Killing

Perdiccas was coming to Macedon with Alexander’s infant son. Antipater sends his army to fight. Some of Perdiccas’s men were eaten by crocodiles, and the rest of his men, angry at him for his poor judgement, killed him.

Around this time Antipater dies too, leaving his son Cassander and his general quarreling. Antipater’s General goes to the Athenians and says that they are siding with Cassander, and poisons them all, but doesn’t have enough poison. He makes Phocion, one of the greater citizens, give him money to poison the rest of the people, including himself. Phocion is considered The Last of the Athenians, because he was the last person of importance in the city.

Roxana (Alexander’s wife) and her infant son, Alexander II, go back to Macedon. Olympias, Alexander’s mother, wants Alexander II on the throne, she slew Arridæus, who was Alexander’s brother and her other son and on the throne currently. Cassander, Antipater’s son, slew Olympias, then took Roxana and her son in prison, where he later killed them. Now all Alexander’s family is dead! The End

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