Location: Sunriver, OR

Geocaches: 300!

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We’ve been on the road for a whole year! We left July 16th, 2013, and took off from Austin. We’ve hit a whole lot of places, and I’ll do a gallery of photos in another post, and my mom made our Freejourner video. We just left a RV park with our best friends, The Halls. We got a cake yesterday, and today we kayaked down a river. Here’s a list of some of the things I have done/learned on our trip, and I’ll probably keep updating it.


  • I learned what a yurt is!
  • Glacier water is freezing.
  • You need to be close to your home to hide a Geocache
  • Getting in shape is hard
  • I learned I love tennis
  • I learned how to snowboard
  • Snowboarding is awesome!
  • Voodoo Donuts are amazing
  • Doing school while snowboarding a lot makes you get behind
  • Our parents college friends are cool!
  • Mt Rushmore has a secret room behind it
  • Sugar is worse for me than I thought
  • 1 Second Everyday is cool for remembering stuff
  • Seattle is the Geocaching jackpot
  • Wifi is essential to school
  • Wifi is essential to making money
  • GoPro’s are helpful in making videos
  • The sky is blue (just kidding! :P)
  • Always be prepared
  • ALWAYS KEEP TRACK OF YOUR STUFF (I learned the hard way a lot)
  • Lakes can be many different shades of blue/green/turquoise
  • Slow-mo is one of the best inventions ever
  • It helps to have amazing equipment
  • It would help a lot to have 4WD
  • tan 90 degrees is undefined

That’s it for now!

We’ve played a lot of sports on this trip, including soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, mini golf, pickleball, and pool (does this count?). Some of my best memories on this trip are when our car got stuck in snow, snowboarding at Brighton, any time with the Halls, hiding a Geocache with our friends in Spokane, Geocaching with our friends the Maculley’s, tennis in St. George, paddle boarding on Lake Mcdonald in Glacier National Park, jumping off St Mary’s falls, jumping into Lake Louise in Canada… Oh, and crossing the Canadian border for the first time, that was interesting.


Totally random break between paragraphs: Have you ever considered what would happen if Pinocchio said “My nose will now grow!”?


I recently hit 300 Geocaches, and for my 299th (I meant that one to be for my 300th), I found an amazing one! It was connected to a light post, and it had the appearance of an electrical box, filled with Travel Bugs. I’ll probably post some pictures of it. Thanks for reading this!

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6 thoughts on “1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Love this update Gabe! It’s crazy that it’s already been a year! We are excited to see you guys next month. Love you so much.

    Aunt Nettie

  2. What an insightful list. I haven’t been geocaching, but I think I need to try it. I hope we get to see you when you head south again.

  3. Seriously. It is hard to believe it has been a year. A year in Texas without the Dalrymples. *sigh. We miss you.

    We are super excited for you though. I believe this will be a year (plus more – when are you coming back already!) of precious memories. You will have stories to tell for your whole life from this trip. Your parents are very cool and full of courage, I love that they are living and walking this through with you. It is an inspiration to many.

    I hear you are now taller than the Moms. Ug. Really? How can this be.

    Love you lots. Hope you enjoy wherever the road takes you! Hoping it leads are way before too long. We are long over due for some D time and some hugs!

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