Once and Future King: The chapter before the second

Another narration for school! Yay! Hopefully it’ll be better than just a stereotypical narration….

Ok, introducing the main character! His name is Wart. Do you know him? No? Think again, that’s just his NICKNAME! His real name is ARTHUR PENDRAGON, but let’s just cross that last name out cause no one knows that he’s a Pendragon yet. PENDRAGON. There we go! Now, on with the story!

Arthur’s daily life includes reading, writing, swordsmanship, fencing, hawking, existing and archery, just to name a few. He is adopted, has a brother KAY, like K, except with an A-Y, has a foster father name Ector, like…. Actually, his name is nothing like anything! So, yeah. Father’s name is Ector, Older brothers name is Kay, kay? Got it? Good.

So, Wart and Kay go to the owlry for hawks, and fly Cully, a young hawk even though Hob, who raised Cully, told them on many occasions not to fly him. Cully flies into a tree, and the chapter ends with Wart and Kay having a staring contest with Cully, with Kay saying it’s not his fault if Hob finds out that they let Cully out.

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