Havelok the Dane PART 2 -English Literature Chapter 16

Where we last left off, Godard was about to spare Havelok. But not for long…. He tells his best friend, Grim, that if he goes and drowns Havelok, that he would be rich. Grim liked the idea of being rich, and takes Havelok and stuffs him in a sack. About to drown him, Grim’s wife finds Havelok, and they decide to keep him. Grim asks Godard for the money, and Godard refuses. Grim, scared of Godard, takes his family and runs to the England coast. Here Havelok grew up, a poor fisherman’s son. Soon he became an apprentice to a kitchen chef. 

Some time passed, in which time Godrich heard about Havelok. He decided to marry him to Goldboru, disgracing her, marrying her to a kitchen worker. Goldboru was sad at this, but an angel came to her in the night, and told her Havelok was actually a prince. Goldboru was cheered by this, and they lived happily ever after, at least in this story….

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