Track League Championships, Battle Mountain

I finished the track season with a league championship, in which I ran the 100, 4×100 and the 800m Medley. I qualified 5th for the 100 in qualifiers, and they took the top 8. I had an awesome race, and I took 3rd, with a time of 13.33 seconds. My next race was the 4×100, in which we did decently well. I got the handoff nicely, but got overtaken at the end, taking 3rd. We had a time of 55.05 seconds.



The Medley was the event I knew we could do well in, and we did. We had a big lead right from our second 100, and by the time I got it for my 200, we were totally ahead by a lot. We had a good 400, with my friend Max running it good (He’s a lot better at the mile though), and taking us to victory. It turned out we took the school record, with a time of 2:04. Pretty good way to end the season, I think. I had a great season, and here are my stats:


High Jump: 2x First Place, 1x Second Place, 1x Third Place

100m Dash: 1x Second Place, 1x Third Place, 1x 5th Place

200m Dash: 1x Third Place

800m Run: 1x Second Place

100m Hurdles: 1x 7th Place

4x100m Relay: 1x First Place, 3x Third Place, 1x DQ

800m Medley Relay: 1x First Place, 1x Fourth Place

I had a total of 3 Regular Meets, 1 Relay Meet, and 2 Championship Meets. I think it’s pretty cool that I got a first place on my first meet ever! 


 That picture looks awesome!

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