So a few weeks ago we just decided to go to Disneyland, which was amazing. We took two days for it, so we could do Disneyland one day, and California Adventure the next. We had a plan layed out for us, which was really nice, because we weren’t rushing our visit. I personally liked California Adventure better – It had better rides, and it had…. Cars Land. I’ve always wanted to go to Cars Land ever since I was like 10, when it opened, and it was pretty cool. The Radiator Springs Racers ride was really cool and well designed, as it cost $200 million to build, I heard. While I was riding it, I forgot about my hat and it flew off, but Isaac caught it with his shoulder and the seat in midair, which was really lucky and awesome. I got some cool exclusive Cars, only available at Disneyland and Disney World.


IMG_4941We used a lot of FastPasses to get to rides quicker, while riding rides with less lines in the meantime. California Screamin’ was probably my favorite ride, as it was a full-on rollercoaster, although Radiator Springs Racers is a close second. I also figured out when at a Starbucks that every Starbucks Frappuccino I drank had like 50 grams of sugar in it… So I stopped drinking those. Disneyland was a cool place, I don’t think we ever need to go back, but it was still cool to experience nonetheless.IMG_4922

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