Settling Down?

Well, we’re back in Breckenridge, Colorado. Again. It seems like somehow we always get back here, no matter what. And now, we’re here for good. Possibly. Hopefully not. I like traveling, a lot more than staying in one spot forever. My family has been saying we’ve settled down in the best place to settle down in the country, and I can see that. Out of all the places we’ve traveled to, I’m not sure I would want to “live” anywhere else.

Kayaking here in Summit County

We’ve been pretty busy, but it’s all been fun. Isaac, Jadyn and I participated in another tennis tournament in Boulder, CO, which was my second tournament ever. It was pretty fun, and it was good to get in some matches with other kids my age.

Kayaking here in Summit County

Isaac and I have been doing “YoYo Night” at YoYoLoco in Breck with the owner Mark every Saturday, and that’s been going for the past two weeks. We learned a lot from some competition-level YoYo players last weekend, and are definitely looking forward to next Saturday.

Kayaking here in Summit County

Woodward Barn at Copper has been open for drop-in sessions on weekends for the summer, and we’ve gone a couple of times so far. I got some new tricks down, and it’s been a ton of fun to be back jumping on the trampolines there again. Here’s a video of a gainer I did at the Barn!


I’m going to be going into my freshman year of High School at Summit High School, here in Breck, the first time I’ve ever gone to school. Everyone here always asks me “Are you excited? Or nervous?”. My answer always is, no and no. I’d rather stay homeschooled, but I came to the conclusion that a High School diploma would be beneficial to my foreseeable future. I’m not really nervous at all, it’s not really going to be that big of a deal, except for the fact that I’m going to have to wake up at around 5:45 every day…. That sucks. And that’s not really nerve-wracking so much as annoying.

Hopefully, I can write about my school experiences, and post it here, just like I did with track. It’s always fun to write and exercise my vocabulary skills, typing skills, writing skills, listening to music skills, and the #1 least important (and my favorite) skill (besides all of them), humor. Now, you may be asking “Hey Gabe, why isn’t there any humor in your recent posts?”, and my answer to that is the following invisible paragraph:

(Paragraph is here, but you can’t see it :P)

No, really, I should start upping the humor levels in my posts at least a minimum of 1%, otherwise people might start to think I’m not humorous. But seriously (not really seriously), I think that I’ll start just writing on here more, and maybe I’ll do an essay, just cause. Although, maybe not, cause I’ll probably be doing a lot of those for school anyway. But you never know.

I’ve got a track meet tomorrow, one in Boulder, that I’ve been planning to go to for the past few months. Hopefully I run okay, as my knee has been giving me some pain recently (We went to Axis Sports Medicine and they told me that I’ve been using my knee in the wrong way, and I need to strengthen some parts of my leg (At least, that’s what I took away from it)). I’m looking forward to it, and hopefully I can High Jump over 5′, run the 100m in under 13 seconds, long jump over 17′, and set a new PR in discus (maybe even over 100′?).

I think I’ll end off the post there, mostly because it’s 10 PM (one half of me is telling me “Come on, you can write 3 more paragraphs!”, and the other is saying “Go to bed!”). I’ll probably write about our adventures in between Sedona and getting back to Breck tomorrow. So, thanks for reading, and subscribe to the blog for more updates on my life!


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