School Life – Two Weeks Done, Many More on the Way….


Yep, that’s what school is, compared to homeschooling! 😛 Honestly though, it’s not that bad. It’s exactly like I thought it would be. 100%. I have 15 minutes to write this, so I better get typing.

First and foremost, I had my first soccer game yesterday! My first “real” game since last year, and my first competitive game in two years (I played in Nashville last year, but that was just a rec league and my team wasn’t the best)! We won 3-0, which was really awesome, and even though I got the least amount of playing time of almost everyone, and even though I played defense 100% of the time I was playing, it was still fun. I got the ball a ton, and I had to use all my willpower not to sprint up the field with the ball and shoot. I’d say I did that pretty well.

Moving on (since I’m stressed for time), school’s been pretty easy for the most part, and the only difficult thing I’m having trouble with is Biology. Math’s easy for me, and I got a 3 (vs a 4 (I think a 3 is the equivalent of a B) on one of my homework assignments instead of a 4 for not “showing my work”, but I did show my work, cause I did it all in my head 😛

For the most part it seems like busywork, but I feel like my World Literature class with help me with my writing, and I’ll learn some more Spanish in my Spanish class. I’m also taking an AP class (yay!), in which I am the only freshman. I’m doing AP computer science, and in addition to getting AP Credit, I also get CMC (Colorado Mountain College) credits! (double yay! (Kinda… I doubt I’m going to go there)

In addition to school, soccer’s been taking up a ton of my time, so I’ve had no time to do anything else besides eat, do homework, YoYo for like 5 minutes, and sleep. I’ve been getting in shape a ton, and I think this is the most shape I’ve been in in my life, but I’m not 100% sure because I was pretty fit back in Nashville last year.

Well, the bell’s about to ring for my next class. I think I’ll end that post here, but I’ll definitely continue to write about my school experiences in the future, and hopefully get some blog posts written over the weekend.

(Note to self – Add pictures later)


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