Almost halfway there…

Tomorrow marks the halfway point between when I entered school and when I get freed again. Tomorrow, I have my final finals (:P), and they are going to be a bit of a hurdle to get over. I’m not too worried about World Lit (English) finals, but it’s Bio where I’m going to have to devote some time to tonight. I scored a 3.5 (A-) on my Math exam, which I was extremely mad about, and for my cumulative Vocabulary test for World Lit, I earned a 4, scoring a 98/100, the highest grade out of anyone in the class. Once I get over the hurdle that is tomorrow, I’ll be home free for a few weeks.

But wait… Why am I wasting my time talking about quotidian schoolwork when I could be talking about all the other aspects of my life? Oh yeah… Because there’s only one other major one. Snowboarding. Snowboarding’s more fun to write about than schoolwork though, so I think I’ll transition towards that.

(perfect transition to new paragraph goes here)

Snowboarding’s been great. It’s been pretty tiring, considering I barely have any free time afterwards on the weekend. But ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons (unlike school). I get to leave of school early, get taught by an amazing snowboard team, and most importantly, I get to shred the often-powder-covered mountains on a snowboard. I wouldn’t trade it for anything less than homeschooling, and that’s saying something (yes, I’d rather be homeschooled than snowboard….).

I might’ve already said this, but even though it’s just the end of early-season, I’ve progressed a ton. I’m already confident spinning 180’s and 360’s on any jumps that are open, and attempting 540’s on smaller side hits. I practice gaining speed on normal runs, and I’ve clocked myself in at 50 mph, which is decent for me and crazy at the same time because it’s faster than most speed limits here in Summit County (to put it in perspective, my top speed was around 69.5 mph, give or take 1 mph, and that was last year at Keystone down a steep run void of crowds). I should be able to hit 70 this year, but I’ll probably only do it once due to risk of injury. It’s such an exhilarating rush going fast on a snowboard, speeding down the mountain at any speed above 40 mph. Combine that with racing three opponents in an all-out competitive battle down a course with tight turns and steep slopes, and you have one of my favorite things in life – Boardercross. Speaking of boardercross, we (Team Summit) are putting in a boardercross course at Breckenridge, which I am extremely stoked about. Just thinking about it makes me want to ride it even more – I’ll be able to race whenever I want (well, whenever we’re at Breck), against whoever I want, however many times I want. It’s going to be amazing.

Yesterday, I did my first backflip of the season. And no, this time I don’t have video. But I’ll be sure to record my next one. And the one after that. And the one after that. And so on. Because yes, I will be backflipping all season as much as possible. Yesterday we went to Breck for Team Summit training, the first time I’ve been there all season. It was pretty fun, and we basically just hiked the mini-park all day, as that was the only park that was open. I threw a lot of 180’s, a few 360’s, one really bad 540, and of course, the backflip.  I feel like I progressed a ton, because I got back into the feeling of throwing 360’s, backside and switch 180’s, and flipping. I can’t wait for the break, and I know I’ll be snowboarding a ton during my time off. All I have to do now is ensure that I maintain my above-4.0 GPA throughout these last two finals.





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