Almost Halfway.

The second quarter and the first semester of the school year are almost over! I take two of my finals tomorrow, with more to follow in the next three weeks. Snowboarding is in full swing, and Isaac, Jadyn and I are leaving to Aspen on Saturday for the first Rail Jam of the season. I’ve been training a ton on snow, and even got some time on my race board last week when we ran a Giant Slalom course on Friday. I still have a lot of time before my first boardercross race of the season, but it’s been good to get some practice.

School’s been going pretty good this semester – I have all 3.5’s and 4’s in my classes, which is equivalent to all A’s. Last Saturday, I took my first SAT, and I think it went pretty well. I woke up early in the morning and drove out to a high school in Leadville, where I took the test with a couple other kids who decided to replace a morning of relaxation and/or sleep with a 4 hour test. After the test, I went home and rested for a while, then got dressed up to go to the Team Summit Ski Ball fundraiser, where I was volunteering that day. I helped some people bid on the auction, and hung out with the other kids on Team Summit who were volunteering with me. Overall, it was a great time, although I went to bed past midnight and slept in the next day. I can’t wait for more sleep, which is only 16 days away for me 😛


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