Entering winter!

We’ve been getting A LOT of snow recently. Most of the mountains in the area have either opened or will open next week. School’s been going pretty well (all A’s), and snowboarding season’s about to start. I’ve been going to Woodward every weekend on Friday and sometimes Saturday, and it’s been super beneficial. My skating and roller-boarding have improved by approximately 1000% this preseason, and I’m hoping it will benefit my snowboarding.

Speaking of snowboarding, I’ve planned out my races this season! I’ll have a ton more than last season, at higher levels of competition as well.

  • USASA Ski Cooper – January 11th-13th
  • Hole Shot Tour/Rev Tour Ski Cooper – February 20th-23rd
  • USASA Crested Butte – March 1st-3rd
  • Hole Shot Tour Holiday Valley – March 14th-15th
  • USASA Nationals – Early April

There’s a chance there will be a few more, and in addition to those I’m also competing in the New Years Eve Rail Jam, which is always fun. I’ve also been helping to teach kids tennis clinics at the Keystone Tennis Center every Tuesday and Thursday – it’s been really fun. Learning how to teach kids has been a great learning experience, and it’s been a great job. I guess I’ll have to write more on that later, because I have to leave to go teach one right now!

Texas Trip and Snowboarding!

We just got to Texas yesterday for a short fall break week and family reunion. It’s been great being back in Austin and seeing our friends. Last night we went out to dinner with some friends, then went over to our friends the Deweys’ house to hang out. Our first quarter of the school year just finished last Friday, and I think it went pretty well. Classes for me are a bit tougher than last year, although still pretty easy. I’ve been driving to school every day, which is a big change from last year. Isaac’s been coming along every day now that he’s a freshman, and it’s been fun having him in the car with me, although I’ve been driving him to so many places around the county.

Snowboarding season is just about to start, and I couldn’t figuratively be more ready. Early season has always been one of my favorite parts of the season, and I hope this season won’t be any different. I’ve been boarding once already up Loveland Pass, and it was super fun sliding rails and being on my board again (although I basically destroyed it with all the rocks). The New Year’s Eve rail jam is coming up in just about two months, and then it’s going to be race season. I have a ton of boardercross races lined up, although the Revolution Tour schedule hasn’t been finalized yet. So far, I have six races confirmed so far – three races in January at Ski Cooper, and then another three later in the season in March at Crested Butte. I’ll also hopefully get three or so races on the Rev Tour, and maybe more if I do some NorAm races on the Hole Shot Tour.

That’s basically it right now – school and prepping for snowboarding. The rest of our time in Austin is going to be extremely fun, and I can’t wait (again, obviously figuratively). I’ll hopefully be able to post a bit more, but we’ll see.

Entering Junior Year!

We’ve almost been in school again for a month now. New classes, new teachers, and a new year. Summer was amazing, we went to so many places and did a ton of fun stuff with a lot of friends, it’s kind of unfortunate that it’s over. But snowboarding season is just around the corner, and new adventures with it. This is the first year I’m not doing a school fall sport, and it’s been pretty interesting. I’ve been playing a lot of tennis, as well as training for track almost every day. I’ve been driving over to Fairplay (two towns over) every couple of days to run on their track, which is much better than our concrete one.

School’s been pretty normal, although I have a feeling it’ll be more difficult in a few weeks once things really get going. All my classes have been relatively easy so far, and more than a few of them actually interest me for once. I’m taking Year I of IB DP Spanish, which has become extremely interesting now that I have a native Spanish speaker for a teacher. He just came over from Spain, and although it’s been a learning curve to learn the dialect and grammar differences between what I’ve previously been taught and the “vosotros” form used in Spain, it’s been good to talk with a native speaker. In addition to that, I’m taking DP Math Year II, DP HOTA (History of the Americas), DP Biology, DP English, and Physics. All of those are going pretty normally, which is basically saying I’d rather not write about all of those right now. That’s pretty much it for school right now, so now on to the less boring stuff.

I’ve been working at Digitiqe in town, fixing iPhones and selling various technology-related things, which has basically been the best job I could’ve asked for. YoYoLoco’s been great, too. Isaac and I have been going down to the shop to host YoYo Night every Friday, and it’s always a blast with Kendama and YoYo players coming around to hang out and play.

We’ve also been hanging out at Woodward Barn a ton, having got our passes renewed a few weeks ago. It’s been fun to get back on the trampolines and pump track, learning some new tricks.

Perhaps the biggest difference from this year and last years is my ability to drive. I got my license when we went down to Texas, and it’s been a big help. I’ve been driving to school every day, taking Isaac and jamming out to music on the way over. I can go anywhere without taking the Summit Stage, and it helps out when mom and dad are busy.

We’ve been seeing an influx of animals around lately, including deer, foxes, bears, and meesen. They’ve been hanging around our house, with the moose blocking our driveway a lot of the time. They’re amazing to watch, and it’s always a treat to see them around (minus when I can’t pull into the driveway because of them).

Moose in our front yard!


Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I love you much, and hope that you have a great day. I’m stoked that you’re going to be able to go on an adventure in Hawaii (even if it is without us), and that you’ll get some relaxation time. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us, especially because I wouldn’t exist without you 😛

In particular, these last 5 years have probably been the 5 best of my life (although we did have some amazing times living in Texas…). Visiting all these amazing places, we’ve stood at the lowest point in the US and flown around the highest. We’ve been to 35 states in our travels, visiting 29/60 National Parks, plus many more NPS sites. That’s all because you went out of your way to give us an amazing childhood, which was unequivocally achieved. It’s always a joy to play sports with you, and a privilege that you can play with us no matter the sport, whether it’s soccer, running, hiking, tennis, basketball, football, ultimate frisbee, or snowboarding. Not many other families can play such a multitude of sports together, and fewer can shred down a mountain together. The gifts you’ve given us outnumber the characters I could write right now, which is an unspecified large amount. We’re always ready for an adventure, and while we’re locked down (to an extent) with school from August-May, that time in between or on breaks never goes unused.

So, to reiterate, thanks. You’re the best dad I could possibly ask for. I can’t wait to see what the next years have in store for us. Let’s go have some more adventure.