A Texan in Colorado and a Coloradan in Texas

I’m starting to feel like I’m a local to both Breckenridge and Austin with how much I’ve been back and forth between the two places. I’ve been between Colorado and Texas a lot over the last couple months, and have really gotten to experience the best of both winters – Both the 85 degree “winter”Continue reading “A Texan in Colorado and a Coloradan in Texas”

Track Meets and my 2018/19 Snowboarding Season

Snowboarding season has basically just ended (we have a few more weeks, but the main season is over), and it definitely was a good one. I raced in some extremely fast races, landed lots of new tricks, and progressed even more than last year. Last Sunday was race day for me at USASA Nationals, andContinue reading “Track Meets and my 2018/19 Snowboarding Season”

Entering winter!

We’ve been getting A LOT of snow recently. Most of the mountains in the area have either opened or will open next week. School’s been going pretty well (all A’s), and snowboarding season’s about to start. I’ve been going to Woodward every weekend on Friday and sometimes Saturday, and it’s been super beneficial. My skating andContinue reading “Entering winter!”

Texas Trip and Snowboarding!

We just got to Texas yesterday for a short fall break week and family reunion. It’s been great being back in Austin and seeing our friends. Last night we went out to dinner with some friends, then went over to our friends the Deweys’ house to hang out. Our first quarter of the school yearContinue reading “Texas Trip and Snowboarding!”