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Last Comps of the Season and Track

Tomorrow, I have my first track meet of the season. I’ve been training hard, and I think the combination of that plus all the cross country I’ve done has prepared me well. The various workouts that we have been doing in the past few weeks have been quality workouts, with tempo runs, ladders, and time trials. I’ve ran a lot of 13-second 100m’s in pants on a concrete track in 25-35 degree weather, so hopefully I can break my PR at one of the first few meets, when I’ll actually be running on a real track with spikes. I’ll be happy with a time in the mid-12’s, and I’m pretty confident I can get it.

This year we have a huge team, almost double last year. With the new additions of freshmen and others, we have some pretty good runners, and I think it will be a good season for the team (as compared to last year, where we literally averaged 5 points a meet). Tomorrow I’m running the 4×100, 4×400, 100m, and of course High Jump. I’ve only gotten two days of high jump training, but I’ve cleared 5’1″ in pants on a gym floor pretty easily, so I guess I’ll have to see how that translates to the meet tomorrow. I have a really good 4×100 team and a good 4×400 team, so we’ll see how we stack up against other schools.

Now, snowboarding. The more fun and arguably more important sport that I’m doing now. Two weekends ago I got back from Crested Butte, where I competed in 3 USASA Boardercross events. The first day was great, I competed hard, and took second in a near photo-finish with my friend. The second day went exactly as I planned, with Warren (who I’ve competed against for years) and another kid leaving, which left me to take an easy gold medal against two other kids I’ve known for a year or so. The next day went a bit differently, as it started snowing pretty heavily, and I got out of the gate last after a kid in my age group fell right in front of me, slowing me down. I eventually caught up to my friend Tristan, who was in the lead, and tailed him all the way to the bottom. There was a set of 6 rollers up a jump near the bottom of the course, which I usually throw a speed before hitting. This time, I went full send and bombed straight over them, flying off the jump and almost crashing, but I stayed on my feet and passed Tristan, who had thrown a few checks before the roller set.

Racing on day 3!
Taking the gold on day 2 after racing my friends Tristan and Henry.


I only have a few competitions left in the season, and I plan to train hard for them all. Next weekend we are all going down to Steamboat to race in the annual Slash and Burn Banked Slalom event, which will be super fun. I’ll hopefully get to meet/compete against some pro boarders, and I think it’ll be a great time (although I do have a track meet the day before…)

After that, on March 30th, I have my first Revolution Tour competition, which is the next step up from the USASA regional competitions that I do. I have no idea how that’s going to go, but I’m guessing there are going to be a ton of people there. And finally, two days later, I have USASA Nationals, which I am going to be competing in in boardercross as well as slopestyle. I’m looking for a top 10 finish in boardercross, and to put down my run in slopestyle, and I think both those goals are very achievable. Jadyn’s going to Nationals in slopestyle, boardercross, and halfpipe, and I think this year she can go top 5 in at least slopestyle and definitely boardercross.

That’s about it for everything I’m prepping for right now. I’ll probably right another post in the next few days about the track meet, so until then… nothing will happen relating to this website.



Competitions, Break and Semester 2

It’s been about two weeks since we got back from Christmas break, and it was definitely a much-needed rest, although we only did a little of that as we were snowboarding almost every day. But still, it was nice to have a break from the constant grind of school.

Over break, we had a photo shoot with Keystone Resort, competed in the annual New Years Eve Rail Jam at Copper, made cookies, shoveled a lot of snow that disappeared the day after, and recently, competed in the first Slopestyle competition of the season at Copper.

A shot from our photo shoot

Semester 1 ended with lots of work, having 6 final exams in one week. It unfortunately did not get me the grades I needed to maintain a perfect GPA (4.23), so I ended up with just a 4.0 weighted GPA for this semester. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

After we got out of school, we went straight to snowboarding, and never left for the next week 😛 On Christmas, we went out as a family to snowboard at Beaver Creek before going out to a nice dinner. It was a great time, as we don’t get to snowboard all together often, even though Beaver Creek had basically no new snow.

Christmas was pretty great, but after it was over it was back to training. We all competed in the annual Copper Mtn New Years Eve Rail Jam, where I competed directly against Isaac for the first time in the 14+ age group. I had been training on rails for around a month, so I wouldn’t finish like I did at Howelsen Hill last year (10th/10). Isaac and I had a good time, and while he didn’t land the tricks he wanted to, we still had fun. I ended up 8th/17, which was about where I expected to be. Anyways, the tricks I threw will probably be the best tricks I will have done on rails this season, as I’m now training for boardercross.

Fast forward one week later to January 6th. The day before our slopestyle competition. We’d been training hard, and decided to take a fun day with the team before the comp. One of our coaches, Josh, made up a crazy fun game named by our friend Karis, called the Jimmy Points Challenge (completely random name). We’d go around Breckenridge Mountain completing challenges made up by Josh, each for certain amounts of points. Some were trick-based, such as landing a backflip or 540, and others were… people-based? Examples of that included high-fiving an entire family, getting someone to let you borrow their gloves, and even getting a pro to film you. Check out the video edit I made here, or visit my snowboarding YouTube Channel at GabeShreds.

On the day of the slopestyle competition, it had just dumped about a foot of snow, which made riding the jumps extremely slow. I was extremely happy and fortunate to still put down my run anyways (backflip, back 3, front 3), and almost put down my second run (backflip, back 3, front 5) if it wasn’t for the sketchy landing of the last jump. That put me into 3rd place, which meant I got my first Rocky Mountain Series podium. Isaac and Jadyn also put down their runs, which they were stoked about. Isaac finished 7th/21, and Jadyn took the silver with a 2nd place out of 8. Watch my first slopestyle run below:

On the podium with my friend Lachlan!

After the slopestyle competition, school kinda took over again. Nothing interesting happened up until last Saturday, when Team Summit bought time on the boardercross course at Copper Mountain, which is being used for this weekend’s boardercross races. I got to race my friends on the team, and also got some valuable practice for this weekend. The day before, on Friday, I had a real boardercross day with my coach KB and the four Australians that are visiting to race with us. We flew down Keystone’s Go Devil run at speeds above 65 mph, which was immensely fun. On Sunday, it had snowed a ton overnight, so we took advantage of the soft snow and rode the powder. In the afternoon, I sent backflips off of the only two jumps open in the park, along with my friend Akos.

Now I’m gearing up for the boardercross races coming up this weekend. I’m about to get my race board prepped with a base grind, tune and wax. So far I have 6 people in my age group total, and I have the top seed, thanks to my 15th place finish at last Nationals. I definitely want to podium, and hope I can take the win one of the three days. Jadyn’s also competing, and she’s looking really good on the course so far. I’m racing with two of the Australians training with us, so there’s always a potential for a podium sweep.




Almost There! – Thanksgiving, Snowboarding, and School

3 weeks left until December 22nd, also known to me as the last day of school before winter break! I just got off Thanksgiving break, but still… Something to look forward to. Well, better than the 188 days until school officially ends, at least.

Over thanksgiving break, our cousins Oz and Otis came over from Nashville, TN, and we had a fun time playing in the snow and around Breckenridge. We helped them learn to ski, and they went all over, from Keystone, to Copper, to A-Basin! While we weren’t playing with them, we were shredding hard at Copper, almost every day! I learned a lot of new tricks on rails, and I can’t wait till more terrain opens on the mountain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much more is going to open any time soon, as we haven’t been getting much snow at all.

On Thanksgiving, we snowboarded at Keystone while teaching our cousins how to ski, then we came home and ate and ate and ate and ate…. etc. Pie, stuffing, corn, turkey and croissant rolls were all part of an amazing dinner. If only Thanksgiving could be every week…

School’s been going pretty good, for being school. I’m working to bring up two grades to 3.5/4.0’s before the end of the semester, as I’m currently off-track for my goal, which is a small goal of a perfect GPA, which for this semester is 4.33 (I’m only on track to have a 4.0 right now 😦 How sad), and which combines with my 4.14 and 4.16 from last year to equal 4.21, and if I can pull off another near-perfect semester I can finish sophomore year with a 4.24 GPA. But anyways, most everything besides AP World History has been pretty easy lately, and it seems as though it’ll stay that way until the end of the semester.

There’s only 32 days until the New Years Eve Rail Jam at Copper, and I’m still going back and forth on whether or not to compete in it. Currently, I’m leaning towards yes, because I’ve been landing a couple of decent tricks on rails, but at the same time I wouldn’t want it to go like the Howelsen Hill Rail Jam went last year, with me crashing every other run, completely missing rails and falling all over the place in front of the judges, overall taking last place. I’ll probably make a final decision at around a week before the Rail Jam, so we’ll see.




Photo Shoots and Snowboarding!


Two photo shoots last weekend at Keystone and Breckenridge made this last weekend really awesome! Last Friday (On opening day), we went to Keystone to load the gondola at 7:45, before the general public, and took some photos for Keystone before heading down (on a literally perfect groomed run!) to the new 6-person Montezuma lift to wait for 9 AM, when the rest of the people waiting in line came down to load the lift. We got to ride the first chair up, and took a few more pictures at the top before taking a few more laps by ourselves. Overall, it was really fun and a great experience, plus we got to miss school!


Unfortunately, on Saturday, Jadyn broke her arm, so she’s out for a few weeks. She’s pretty bummed about missing all the snowboarding days on-mountain, but hopefully she’ll be back in just a few weeks! I drove a ton by myself that day, driving one of our 4runners around Copper to pick up Jadyn, then driving her to the hospital to get pins put into her arm. It’s really sad, but knowing her, she’ll be back on snow at the earliest safe date!

23559868_10214646624301132_7299931835326666748_n 2

On Sunday, we got invited to do a photo shoot at the Grand Lodge at Breck, and that was a great time. Dad, Isaac and I got a few shots snowboarding down Breck (Although they only have ONE run!) before coming inside to take pictures with the rest of the family plus our friend/snowboarding teammate Aurora, who had spent the night with us. We had pictures taken of us while we were eating, playing in the pool (a few of the shots involved us out of the pool, which was FREEZING), and walking around the town of Breck. It was really fun, and I’m so glad we got to do it.


Yesterday, I went to Keystone with my friend Matthew to take a few laps after school (I get out at 12:15 on Mondays), and we had a blast racing each other at high speeds (nothing exceeding 40 MPH… At least I don’t think so. Still, nothing compared to the 70 MPH I clocked last season at Crested Butte), sliding a few rails in the early-season park, and doing some flat-ground tricks going down the mountain.

Team Summit officially starts on Saturday, and I’m extremely eager to get back on the mountain with our coaches. Isaac’s been progressing his skills like a madman, with new tricks being learned and mastered almost every hour (it seems like). It’ll be interesting to see how he can do in competitions this year!


I don’t have pictures of our photo shoots yet, but they’ll hopefully be posted on Keystone’s Instagram pretty soon!