Not-Trip Post #3: Percentages

Only 48 more days until we leave, just a few more soccer games (hopefully a tournament), finish up Chemistry, Finish some books and then we’re free to go SNOWBOARDING, which has somehow become the goal of our whole next year for some reason. If I had to draw list percentages of time we spent snowboarding vsContinue reading “Not-Trip Post #3: Percentages”

Not-trip post #1: Life back in Austin

Geocaches: 324 What I’m doing right now: School So, as you see from the title, I won’t be using the “Trip Post #” anymore until late November, cause we’re not on our trip technically anymore…. So, there’s 2 purposes of this post, 1 which is this can count for my narration for school, and 2…………….Continue reading “Not-trip post #1: Life back in Austin”

Trip Post #49: Back to Texas…

Location: Oklahoma City, OK Geocaches: 306 August 4th, 2014 We’re coming back to Dallas today, driving from Oklahoma. Today we checked out of our last hotel room, and we’re going to our last National Park (Well, actually National Recreation Area, and to be really specific, Chickasaw National Recreation Area). It’s always sad coming home fromContinue reading “Trip Post #49: Back to Texas…”