Not-Trip Post #3: Percentages

Only 48 more days until we leave, just a few more soccer games (hopefully a tournament), finish up Chemistry, Finish some books and then we’re free to go SNOWBOARDING, which has somehow become the goal of our whole next year for some reason. If I had to draw list percentages of time we spent snowboarding vs National Parks vs Regular Life on the past trip and how I predict the next trip will go, I would write it like this:


Freejourner Trip:

Snowboarding: 30%

National Parks: 40%

Life: 25%

Partying: 5%


2015 Trip:


Snowboarding: 60%

National Parks: 20%

Life: 19%

Partying: 1%


I’ll see how things go anyway, and write about it sometime.


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