And that concludes my last few posts…..

Those previous 4 posts were the result of me posting. Although you probably knew that. Why this post Gabe? You might ask. Well, I would say something like this: “So I can say to my mom that I just wrote 5 posts in 30 minutes”. Let me sum my posts up:


I did the Fallacy Detective, the Wonder Book of Chemistry, the Brendan Voyage, and an update on my life. Also, my birthday is in 4 days! K-1 Speed!

I need to SPEED BOOST through this post right now, so I’ll end it after a few more sentences. I’ll probably be doing more narrations than usual, which will become my usual, and then… more using the computer as part of my school day. Yay…. I think. Well, mom is coming, MUST… PUBLISH… POST!

And…… Done. Goodnight everyone, and good morning to people in Asia. Unless you’re reading this in the afternoon, in which case good afternoon. And that’s how you procrastinate a pointless post to the point where it’s funny but still pointless.


Post-Script: I’ll be publishing a funny video I took with my friend Sage doing parkour and being a ninja to my blog soon

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