SHORT Narration: Brendan Voyage

I present to you my next summary- MOVIE TRAILER STYLE!


In a -this world, one man must risk his life all for the sake of recreating a famous voyage that probably didn’t even happen. Tim Severin stars as himself in his first ever movie narration, where he must collect random bits of leather from random people who have random people help him build the random boat. Will he make it all the way from Ireland to Newfoundland, or will the rotting smell of leather get to him first?

Watch Read in amazement, and wonder how one man could devote his life to re-creating famous voyages, and the only one I get to do a narration on is the one that no one has heard of? Why couldn’t I do a narration on his voyage recreating Jason and the Argronauts? Find out…. as soon as I figure out why…

THE BRENDAN VOYAGE, Coming May 1976, Rated PG by NAG (The Narration Association of Gabe)


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