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Narration: Rob Roy part 2

Frank (Who’s real name is Francis but everyone calls him Frank, except mostly everyone) finally makes it to Osbaldistone Hall, where he meets a woman hunting whose name is Diana (Everyone calls her Die) Vernon. They figure out that they are cousins. He falls in love with her and is taken to see his Uncle, Sir Hildebrand, and his cousins.

Later, Die warns him that Morris, who he had been traveling with, has placed an accusation that Frank stole his box, which had money for some soldiers, and that Frank better run. Frank decides to go to court and prove himself innocent.

I have only read a little since the last one, but now I am on page 70 of 406 (Yay, I’m 70/406th (or 35/203rds (Yay, math in parentheses!)) done!)

Narration: Rob Roy part 1

Let me just say, before I start, I’m only on page 40 of 406 (yay, I’m 1/10th done) and this narration will be short and I am only doing it because I have to do one for my school day, otherwise I would do one when I would be on, like page 70 or something. So don’t blink, otherwise you’ll miss the whole narration.

Frank Osbaldistone is a poet, and he very much does know it, but his father dose not want to know it. Frank’s father, Henry Osbaldistone V, sends him away to his uncle’s, because Frank does not want to learn his father’s business and follow in his footsteps. Frank sets off to his Uncle’s house, and meets some companions along the way, who he keeps as company and protection while on the road. One of his companions, Morris, has a secret box that Frank teases him about, Morris being very protective and secretive about it.

I could shorten it to:

Henry Osbaldistone disowns his son Frank and sends him to his uncle’s and on the way he meets some people.

But, I like the first one better