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There are alot of new cars out Dustin Mellows oversized car is coming out in november. And at kmart there are alot of new cars to: Shiny Wax, Transberry Juice, and Spare Mint, Sidewall Shine came out to. Here are more names of the oversized cars: Blimp, Barny Stormen, Mack, (cab only) Dinoco Helicopter. Here are the race o rama cars: Ron Hover, Mcqueen, Impound Mcqueen, Stacy, Spin Out Mcqueen, Mater, Dinoco Mcqueen, Kathy Copter, Mario Andretti, Chucki, Ghostlight Ramone, Pit Crew Member Fillmore, Snot Rod, Here are The story tellers: Smell Swell Mcqueen, Rusty Rusteze, Dusty Rusteze, Red, Doc, Tractor, Brand New Mater, and Retro Ramone,

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  1. Cool! Those are a lot of CARS. It’s still a race to find Dustin Mellows. I am sure Uncle Dustin hopes that he wins. 🙂 Did you ever get a chance to count all of your CARS?

    I love you!
    Aunt Nettie

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