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Snowboarding Trick Terminology – Jumps

Well, I’m writing this mostly for my mom and dad, but also for myself, as I haven’t wrote about anything in a while that’s not for my writing class, so a bit of freewriting would be good.

There’s a lot of weirdly named and abbreviated tricks in snowboarding, whether you’re doing a switch-front-board-270-out on a rail, or a hard way cab-5-melon on a jump. I decided to list some of the basic (and when I say basic, I mean basic. There are so many more terms I have yet to learn, and I’ll link a couple I didn’t mention here at the end) terminology of tricks, so here I go.

Riding Switch – Riding switch means that you are snowboarding with your other foot forward, instead of your natural foot forward. The foot forward you are using to ride switch with varies depending on if you are goofy (right foot forward) or regular (obviously, left foot forward)


Spins are usually done in increments of 180 degree spins, starting with a 180 and going up to (the world record) 1800. On rails, spins can be done in increments of 90 degree spins, landing perpendicular on a rail. These can range from a 90 (which is a basic boardslide, as I’ll write about later), to a 990. Spins are usually shortened to the first number of the spin, so a 360 would be shortened to 3, 1080 would be shortened to a 10, etc.

Backside and Frontside:

Spins are done either backside or frontside, unless you’re flipping, then it’s (obviously) a backflip or frontflip. A backside spin is done (usually) off the toe edge of the board, so if you’re regular, you’re spinning clockwise to the right, and if you’re goofy, backside is counterclockwise to the left. A frontside spin is just the opposite. Usually done off the heel edge of the board, but also done off the toe edge (which is called hard way), for regular riders it’s a counterclockwise spin to the left, and for goofy riders it is the opposite. Frontside and backside are usually just referred to as front and back, and that’s why you’ll hear more commonly someone say a front 3, rather than a frontside 360.

Cab and Switch spins

Spins are often done switch, and the term “cab” refers to a switch frontside spin. The backside variant is referred to as a “switch backside” spin, shortened to “switch back” or just “switch”. A cab spin is always frontside, a switch is always backside. A cab (as a trick) is a switch frontside 360. A half cab is a switch frontside 180 (which is my go-to trick when I’m testing out a jump for the first time). Above that, you say the spin, instead of just the amount of cab (the amount of cab? What am I saying..? :P). For example, you would say a Cab 540, instead of a 1 1/2 Cab.

Hard Way

Hard way spins are spins (frontside or backside) done from the opposite edge of the natural spinning edge for the spin, depending on if it is frontside or backside. For example, a hard way front spin is a frontside spin done off the toe edge of your board. You’re still spinning the same way, but you’re setting up in opposite direction.


There are a ton of different grabs, and to save myself the time, I’m going to use a diagram from another website.

Green = Front Hand, Yellow = Back Hand

Grabs are most always put into spins off jumps, so a cab 5 indy would be a switch frontside 540 with an indy grab. Here’s a list of some with pictures from Transworld for reference.


I’ll write the next part on rails, boxes, jibs and abbreviations tomorrow, and explain what a hard way 270 to front boardslide to back 270 out on a DFD rail is.



My goals for the 2016 Snowboarding Season

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like to accomplish this year in terms of snowboarding, and I think I’ve finally got a good list that has good goals for me on it. Here it is! Last year I landed some 360’s, so I definitely want to take things up a notch to a 540 this year. I want to get more comfortable on rails, so I put some goals for those too. I’ve always wanted to learn to flip… And this may be the year!

  • Backside 540
  • Frontside 540
  • Perfect Backside 360
  • Perfect Frontside 360
  • Wildcat (backflip)
  • Frontside Boardslide
  • Switch Frontside Boardslide
  • Backside Cork 540?

I’m hoping to land some 540’s really soon, and I’m going to start working on a backflip over the next few months! I’m excited, especially if I can land a flip.

Fallacy Detective: Analogies

What is an analogy? It’s when you compare two things, and assume something must be the same about them because other things are similar about them. 

Hmmm…. Let me think of an example. 

“The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display. The iPhone 5S also has a 4 inch display. Both the 5 and the 5S come in silver, and have a 8 Megapixel camera. The iPhone 5S has a fingerprint sensor, so the iPhone 5 must have one too”

Just a random example :P. 

Fun Night

Last night, Mom, Dad and Jadyn went to get Grandma and Grandpa from the airport, but had to stay in a hotel in Denver due to snow… So that left me and Isaac at the house, which was awesome! We ordered a pizza and watched the Hunger Games, and in the morning we ate leftover cake for breakfast. We’ve been snowboarding a lot…. Getting better at park, I can 360 now! I’ll post a video of it sometime. I got some footage of me and Isaac doing park, here’s a video of that:

If you can’t view it, here’s a link:


I’ll upload some more videos soon, but that’s about it that’s been happening recently.



English Literature for Boys and Girls: Chapters 3, 4 and 5

So… Continuing off from where I was going to continue off from, which was last chapter, I’m going to continue.

Chapter 3

There once was a king, and his name was Conor. Now one night, Conor went to his chief Story-Teller’s house for dinner, and a child was born to Felim the story teller. Now there was a druid there, and the druid foretold that the daughter of Felim would later cause great ruin to the kingdom.

Everyone voted to kill the child (who they named Deirdre, which means trouble), but the King voted against, taking the baby and keeping her far away from everyone in a tower.

14 years later, Deirdre meets Naisi, who takes her away, so that they can marry each other. Now Conor wanted Deirdre for his Queen, and he was enraged to find that she had left. Naisi goes and hides her with his two brothers. They eventually for no reason set out for Conor’s palace, where Naisi and his brothers are killed, and she dies too, of sadness.

Moral: “Don’t go to places you know you”ll die at for no reason.”

Chapter 4

Once there was a man named James Macpherson, and he was a writer. He collected poems, and wrote poems, and compiled them into a book. People loved the book, and he got a lot of praise.

He published a second book, poems about Ossian, a poet. At first the book was met with praise, but some jealous Irish say that Ossian was an Irish poet, and James was stealing their heroes from them. A lot of people questioned whether he actually wrote the poems himself!

A famous writer, Dr. Samuel Johnson, hated James Macpherson, and told everybody he didn’t write the poems. Johnson was more known than Macpherson, so naturally, people believed him. To this day, we don’t actually know if he did write the poems or not….. So….

Moral: “Don’t steal (unless you really need to). “


Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was about a very hard to understand poem from his book, and in this book they stated that it really is hard to understand. Basically what happens is this:

Two armies, lead by two men named Cathullin and Swaran, are fighting. They fight for days, with no victor. Suddenly another man with an army comes in named Fingal, and Cathullin runs in fear. Now Fingal and Swaran fight for days. Then suddenly Swaran decides to make peace, and they departed as friends. Fingal returns to his homeland.

Moral: “Know your enemy, or a lot of pointless fighting will insue.”

That last chapter seemed kinda dumb to me…..

Funny quotes!

Ok, to make up for yesterday’s horrible narration, here’s something better. I’ve collected a few funny quotes that we randomly said in the past few months, and here they are:

“When you say France, I think of King George” -Isaac.

This one was completely out of the blue, and we laughed a lot.

“Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get the 2nd free!” -Noah Hall

I think we were making up funny sales pitches, and this was one of the hilarious things we said.

“It’s not as cold as Glacier Water!!” -Us, every time we encounter a seemingly cold river to jump into.

“Not to rush you, but hurry up” -Dad

I think we were late to soccer practice, and he didn’t want to rush us, but he did want to rush us. Wait, what?

Dad: “Were you being tentative???”
Jadyn: “Um….. hmmmm…… No….”

I don’t remember when this was, but we all laughed a lot.

Me: “Ok Noah, I have a magic trick! I’ll make this coin disappear!”
Noah: “Ok, show me!”
Me: “Ok, close your eyes”

This was when Noah was showing me magic tricks.

My Essay for my Chemistry class

I’ve been doing a chemistry class on, taught by a Duke University professor, and one of the challenges for those who wish to earn the Statement of Accomplishment with distinction is to write an essay on anything related to Chemistry. You get to review other people’s, they review yours.

The Chemistry involved in this is basically what the title says: awesome booms that can be created using chemistry, elements and your hands.

The first explosion I’ll share with everyone (who is doing this) is a DIY smoke bomb. They seem pretty easy to make, and while I’ve experimented with store bought smoke bombs, I’m pretty sure it would be awesome to make them myself. The recipe is as follows, with the formulas for the compounds listed for no other reason except to be there. 😛

I’ll include the recipe for the white smoke bomb only, to save room for other things because this would be really boring if the only thing I talked about was how to make 5 different color smoke bombs (I might find it interesting, but I don’t know about the rest of you). So, enough procrastination and waiting, without further ado except for a few more words, here’s the ingredients, along with the source:

Potassium nitrate (KNO3) – 4 parts
Charcoal (C7H4O) – 5 parts [1]
Sulfur (S8) – 10 parts
Wood dust – 3 parts
[2] The parts don’t have to be a specific measurement (ex. grams, pounds, etc.), so you can have, let’s say 4 g KNO3, 5 g C7H4O, 10 g S8, and 3 g Wood Dust, mix them together, light them on fire, and then you have yourself a smoke bomb! I think this would be popular with kids, if their parents knew what they were doing, and a potential product for selling, if you sold the mixture in a disposable ball with an opening or something.

So that’s 300 words, so about halfway done, probably one more cool explosion, but first I have to do what the questions ask. There is no economical impact really with smoke bombs, some questions for potential research papers in the future about this relating with Chemistry would be something along these lines:

What other chemicals could substitute for the listed ingredients?
What would be a good selling price of smoke bombs if you were to make them yourself, then sell your product?
Why am I doing a research paper on smoke bombs in the first place?

Ok, now I’m going to explain another type of bomb, but this type of bomb is one that actually is useful to your relaxation time in the bathtub. These bombs are called bath bombs, and they seem pretty cool (I will hopefully soon make some myself). They turn your water a color, while also emitting fizz. The cool thing about these is that you can customize their color by simply using food coloring.

Here are the ingredients, the steps and the reference [3]:

Food coloring (Your favorite color)
Sweet almond oil or other light vegetable oil
Essential oil (make sure it is suitable to put in bath bombs and that it’s not for oil burners or candles)
10 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
3 tablespoons of citric acid
Large mixing bowls – glass works best
Muffin tray or other mould
Small glass jar
Mixing spoon
And, the steps:

Use the almond oil to lightly grease the muffin tray or mould.
Mix the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together in a glass bowl. Make sure you get any lumps out.
Mix together 12 drops of your essential oil, 10 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and 15-20 drops of food colouring. Don’t use any more food colouring, otherwise it will turn your bath a funny colour!
Gradually pour the oil mixture into the dry mixture, stirring well. If the mixture starts to foam, you’re adding the oil too quickly. The mixture is ready when it has the consistency of damp sand.
Spoon the mixture into the muffin tray and press down firmly. It should make 2-4 bath bombs, depending on the size of your muffin tray.
Leave the bath bombs to set for a few days.
When you want to use one, carefully take it out of the mould and drop it into your bath.

The chemical reaction is caused between the Citric Acid and bicarbonate of soda, which creates Carbon Dioxide in the water, which causes the fizzing. This is a cool project, which can triple as a science experiment, a gift for someone, and bathtime fun.


1: Chemical Formula for Charcoal which helped me out
2: I lost the second link, but I know it was on
3: The Fizzy Bath Bombs!