Random Interesting Facts: Cryptids: Part 2

Alright, short post: My top 3 personal favorite Cryptids! 1: Oarfish This is an actual confirmed sea serpent, growing up to 36 feet long. I always liked sea serpents or sea monsters, like the Kraken, or the Leviathan. They’re pretty rare, 2 washed up on shore in October 2013, and another was spotted in MarchContinue reading “Random Interesting Facts: Cryptids: Part 2”

Random Interesting Facts: Cryptids: Part 1

Alright, so I’ve posted a few random things like Longest Words and Phobia’s, so here’s the third installment on a subject most people know but don’t know the name for. Cryptids are mythical rumored creatures, most fake, some other animals mistaken, and really rarely, real. Here’s a few lists. Some of the most famous ones,Continue reading “Random Interesting Facts: Cryptids: Part 1”

10 Phobias that you didn’t know existed

So, I was looking up phobia’s, and I found a Wikipedia page listing them, and here are my top 10 favorites: 1: Barophobia: The fear of gravity. I’ve never met anyone afraid of gravity, or afraid of suddenly floating upward, but I did think this one was funny 2: Chronophobia: The fear of time. AfraidContinue reading “10 Phobias that you didn’t know existed”

Galileo and the Magic #’s: Chapter 8

Just going to post a quick narration for school, cause I’m a few weeks behind and rushing into the last few weeks. Galileo hears of a creation by a man which he calls a spyglass. His friend asks him if Galileo could replicate such a thing. Galileo not only replicates it, but improves it! HeContinue reading “Galileo and the Magic #’s: Chapter 8”