Random Interesting Facts: Cryptids: Part 2

Alright, short post: My top 3 personal favorite Cryptids!

1: Oarfish

This is an actual confirmed sea serpent, growing up to 36 feet long. I always liked sea serpents or sea monsters, like the Kraken, or the Leviathan. They’re pretty rare, 2 washed up on shore in October 2013, and another was spotted in March 2014.

2: Hellhound

This fabled creature I first heard about in Greek Mythology. These dogs live in the Underworld, serving Hades, the God of the Underworld. I was surprised to see that it was an actual rumored animal! There’s not much info about it being real though, so I doubt it exists. It’s pretty cool though!

3: Giant Squid:

This is actually a recently confirmed Cryptid. It can grow up to 43 feet! 2004 was the first sighting, by Japanese researchers. It’s size is only outmatched by the colossal squid, at 46 feet (why didn’t I write about that, you ask? Cause I already started writing about the Giant Squid before I learned there was a Colossal Squid). This is an amazing animal to see, and to draw…. I need to draw that! I’ll be right back! *pretends to run off* Nevermind, I’ll do it later.

Thanks for reading this rather short narration of my top 3 favorite Cryptids!

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