My goals for the 2016 Snowboarding Season

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like to accomplish this year in terms of snowboarding, and I think I’ve finally got a good list that has good goals for me on it. Here it is! Last year I landed some 360’s, so I definitely want to take things up a notch to a 540 this year. I want to get more comfortable on rails, so I put some goals for those too. I’ve always wanted to learn to flip… And this may be the year!

  • Backside 540
  • Frontside 540
  • Perfect Backside 360
  • Perfect Frontside 360
  • Wildcat (backflip)
  • Frontside Boardslide
  • Switch Frontside Boardslide
  • Backside Cork 540?

I’m hoping to land some 540’s really soon, and I’m going to start working on a backflip over the next few months! I’m excited, especially if I can land a flip.

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