Snowboarding and Silverton Trip

Winter has hit us head on, and we’ve been boarding a ton! From jumping to sliding rails, speeding down the mountain to navigating through forests, I’ve done a lot.

Isaac and I have been jumping around at Woodward Barn on the trampolines lately, and I’ve done some pretty cool tricks on the trampolines and the foam pits. I landed a triple front flip into the foam pit, which felt super dizzying… I got a few pictures of us jumping around, here’s some here (some are pretty bad quality because I took them with a GoPro in a scratched up case, and some I took stills from videos, but eh, they still look cool):



Cork 1080

Backflip on a board (the left strap was broken so I lost the board mid flip)


And here’s a video of me doing a Cork 1080 into the foam pit (click here if you can’t see it)


I recently got back from a trip out to Silverton Mountain with my group from Team Summit. Some consider the mountain the hardest in the US. All double blacks and extreme terrain, it was a big challenge with all the steeps, trees, chutes and cliffs.

I’ve been doing a lot of school, and I just finished a writing class, and got 1/4th of a high school English credit, which was pretty cool. I have been trying to find a place to 540 off a snowboarding jump, but I haven’t been able to find a good size yet…. Hopefully going today to Keystone I can find a good jump. Isaac just made a YouTube channel for YoYoing, called YoYoTravel. Here’s a link to it!

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