From here, to there, to that place, to over here

In the past few weeks we’ve been all over, starting in Tennessee, to Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and now Colorado. Wow. Looking back, that’s crazy, I’m starting to forget everything that we just did, so I’m going to try and sum it up in one post so I don’t forget…

After we left Nashville, we went to the Great Smoky Mountains, saw some awesome views with many smoky clouds surrounding us. We were just passing through the Smokies, so we left to North Carolina, where we met my dad’s college friend Luis, and his family. We played a lot with them at a park and an indoor trampoline park, playing Ultimate Frisbee and ultimate tag. Luis helped me with the discus throw, and I’ve been practicing a lot.


Soon after our stay in North Carolina, we left on our way to Georgia, passing through South Carolina, as well as visiting the BMW Manufacturing Company, and seeing a bunch of amazing historical and futuristic concept cars.


Stopping in Georgia, we toured around Atlanta, seeing the CNN Center, the Georgia Aquarium, and everyone’s favorite, the World of Coca Cola! We got to taste Coke products from around the world, including a discontinued drink from Italy called Beverly, which some call the worst soft drink ever. It’s hard to describe the taste, but a good word to describe the drink is simply, dastardly. 😛

The CNN Center was huge, having the world’s longest free standing escalator inside! We took a tour, seeing around a hundred employees at work, editing, broadcasting, pushing buttons, clicking things, talking to people, etc.


After a lot of sightseeing, we headed back to Texas. We stopped off in New Orleans, Louisiana for a night to see Bourbon Street, and to eat the amazing food that New Orleans is know for: Beignets. We ate at Cafe Du Monde, where there were super cheap beignets that were the best of the two different beignets I’ve had in my life. We ate at Cochon for dinner, where we tried some Fried Alligator and other various delicacies.


Back in Texas, we got in super late, surprised my friend Sage, and stayed at a hotel. The next day we saw all our friends and had a ton of fun. Looking back, we packed a ton of stuff into 11 days with our friends. We went to another indoor trampoline park, Isaac taught all of our friends to yo-yo, we had a lot of late nights partying with our friends, and had a lot of fun. We went hiking with some of our friends at Reimer’s Ranch, and jumped in a river there.

After we left Austin, we went to Dallas to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for Thanksgiving. We took a few days to go see our other grandparents in Louisiana, and that was fun. We ate at a big buffet, and ate a lot. On our way back to Dallas, we got to see our best friends, and ate dinner with them. We yoyo-ed a ton, and even though it was only for two hours, it was fun to see them again. We stayed at our grandparents ouse in Dallas for another few days, then left for Colorado. After a long day of boring driving through Kansas, and a night at a hotel there, we left on another 8-hour drive to Keystone. We stayed a night in a hotel, and then moved into our house, where we are now, for another six months. A few days ago we went out snowboarding for the first time this season, and it was great. I got it back super quickly, did a few jumps and went pretty fast. Last night we played tennis with our old friends again, and that was when the altitude got to us. Isaac and I just felt horrible, but we still played anyways.



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