Leaving Nashville!

It’s almost been three months since we first came to Nashville, and it’s been fun. We played tennis at least three times a week, I scored over twenty goals in soccer this season, I improved my high jump by at least 300%, I improved my sprinting a lot, threw the discus at the park quite a bit, did a bunch of schoolwork, hung out with our cousins Oz and Otis, bought and sold some iPhone’s, learned some basic hurdling, learned how to drive a golf cart around the park, hiked… not so much, took a philosophy class, ate a lot of Edley’s BBQ down the street, and learned some new songs on the Keytar!

Me and Otis
Me and Otis

Isaac’s birthday is tomorrow, halloween is in two days (That reminds me… It’s probably time to get a costume… :P), and we’re leaving in a week. Then it’s off to North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Colorado, with a few states in between!

I really enjoyed 12 South, because basically every weekday, we went down the street and worked at a coffee shop somewhere, which is what I’m doing right now. We always have a place to eat lunch that we can just walk to, which is nice.

I finally got to attempt 5′ in High Jump, and cleared it! It felt awesome, and I can’t wait to try 5’2″….. Still going to try and clear 5’4″ and get Summit Middle School’s record, but I’m doubting that will happen.

Here’s a video of me high jumping in practice (not my best one)


Click here if you can’t see it


And…. here’s a video of me throwing discus a few days ago:


Click here if you can’t see it



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