Grandpa, Dustin, and Annette

I love Grandpa he is funny and fun its Aunt Nettie’s birthday today happy birthday Annette Bond!






Aunt Nettie:


My aunt

Uncle Dustin



Looking for cars for me

What they like Grandpa ME! Annette Yaddle, ME Uncle Dustin,

Dustin ME, Yoda.

Love you all.

Published by Gabe Dalrymple

I am a young entrepreneur that snowboards, runs, backpacks, hikes, and plays tennis. I've traveled around the US with my family, and had some amazing experiences. I grew up in Austin, Texas and Breckenridge, CO, where I graduated high school in 2020. I started my own business in 2020, Gabe Media, and help clients with Google Ads, YouTube marketing, and video editing.

One thought on “Grandpa, Dustin, and Annette

  1. Thanks Gabe! I think you are fun, funny, cool, and smart. You are a great reader and awesome at playing games. Maybe one day I will actually beat you in a game of Blink!

    Aunt Nettie


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