Aunt Nettie’s

We are in dallas for three days and three nights. We are staying at Aunt Nettie’s. She found Edwin Kranks (another car) and the day before we were going we went to H – E – B I found Impound Snot Rod (another car) the second day we were there we found Andrea (another car) then we went to Sam and Noah’s It was Sam’s birthday he was turning five. It was a Star wars Birthday there was Yoda soda ( 7-Up mixed with Ice Cream) and Star Wars cake and Pretsals and a Pinata everybody got a lightsaber. We played with Slime, it was Ugly now we are back at Aunt Netties Mommy is taking a shower I am writing this post Isaac is showing Aunt Nettie and uncle dustin his Baseball cards, but now he is eating. Sorry if i have not posted that much I will try to more. check out too.

One thought on “Aunt Nettie’s

  1. I am glad that you guys got to stay at our house. We had a lot of fun with you and your family. I love you!

    Aunt Nettie


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