How to make money in 6 easy steps

This is an article about How to Make Money In 6 Steps. My dad found it and asked me to write an article about it. It was a good article and you can find it at The Entrepreneur was Jason Fried, the owner of

1. This is about understanding what the buyer wants.

He started out selling shoes and tennis rackets. The managers told the employees all the interesting facts about the shoes and rackets. But the customers didn’t care about that. They cared about how it felt or the price.

2. Then he decided to make a business. He got a resellers license to buy and sell things from other people.
He learned a lesson here: Sell only things you’d want to buy for yourself. He started selling more items and made his own catalog to give to his friends. He ordered the items COD (Cash on Delivery).

3. Around his Senior year of high school he started to get into music and computers. He then discovered Filemaker Pro. He payed for it using the money he collected from selling stuff to his friends. He invented Audiofile, a place where you can store your music. But before he released it he found a way to make more money- You can file up to 25 Cds. Then you had to pay $20 to remove the limit. Audiofile probably earned about $50,000. People pay for things that work well. Don’t be afraid to put a price on something that works well. Another lesson: When you put a price on something, it makes you want to make it better.

4. Before 37signals he worked as a web designer. The lesson here is: There are many different ways to charge people. He stopped charging $50,000 for a 15-page website and started charging $3,500 for each page in one week. He called it 37express. They don’t design websites anymore but it made a lot of money. They kept experimenting with pricing and sold tickets to his workshops, they sold their book and t-shirts.

5. Try not to borrow money from anyone. He only borrowed money once in his life. He started working at 14, which is a really good age to start working. Another lesson my dad always tells me about money is: Its easy to spend money but hard to make it.

6. Jason gives another way to make money – Buy and sell the same thing over and over again on Craigslist or ebay. See how much money you can make. Play around with the title, pictures, and description.

That was a great article by Jason Fried. He made lots of money in lots of different ways. I am impressed with him. Keep trying the tips he gives. For more go to

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