How Garret Camp Bought his business back

This is a recent article I wrote for KidOwners:

For years Garret Camp has owned a business called StumbleUpon.The business shared web pages with people who needed help with business’s.Then he sold it to Ebay in 2007. In 2009 he gathered a team of investors to help him buy it back.When Ebay owned his business he was the entrepreneur but he had a boss. They got regular people just looking for a job rather than more risk-taking, more up-sided people. The most biggest problem for him was there was barely any flexibility in the business. One time he even had to hire a database administrator and they told him there was a hiring freeze. He decided he wanted to become a independent business again. after a year of negotiating, contacting investors and presentations he finally did it in April 2009. When he broke away from Ebay, it felt like a whole new company again. The got the Risk-taking mind-building people they wanted. When they left Ebay they got about 300 million page recommendations a month. Now they get over 1 billion a month. The company seems more alive because they got employees that wanted to build something. They re-launched their ad system and created mobile apps. I think this is a successful Entrepreneur’s business.

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