Our trip post 6: Location: Spokane, Washington

Today we woke up (duh) played on the computer, read, then played downstairs. I checked up on my Geocache, Zebra Cache, and updated it’s coordinates.

A few hours later…(nothing happens for some time)

We decided to go running at Indian Painted Rock Trail. We ran for a while, then climbed a hill and spent some family time up there, praying. We made a altar, and gathered leaves, flowers and other stuff we found and put it in a blue pot we found. We ran back and came home and ate dinner. Then I finished posting on my blog. We’re going to play some games (I should say we played some games because by the time you read this it will be after, unless you don’t read it, in which case you can ignore this, but you won’t read this or anything else so you don’t have to ignore this because you wouldn’t read it anyway and in which case I should probably stop because I am going on and on about if you didn’t read this, and this is totally pointless because you are reading this but you could not be in which case you wouldn’t be seeing this in the first place. Confused yet?)

(I am just going to go with “We played some games”)
We played some games.


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  1. Yes. Then we went outside to see a wind storm, it was about to start thunderstorming, then we realized we locked ourselves out without a phone or anything in a storm. So I jumped the back fence and thankfully the basement door was open.

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